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This board has been pretty awesome. I live in a small condo with not a lot of room. The sole reason for getting this was to hand wash sweaters and wool pants, etc, and then place them there to dry. I don't have any other places and I don't want to put leave damp clothes on top of my couch or bed so this was the perfect solution. I can have up to 2 sweaters air drying overnight and so far I've gotten so much sweater washing done lol. 10/10. And it stores easy in my closet when folded too.
I never got notified this drop was about to end and missed it.
Sorry you missed it but I'm guessing this drop will be offered again soon. It's come around several times before and I finally joined. If you click on the "request" button you should be notified.
I need to start browsing more things on this site, this looks pretty cool. Is this big enough to air dry a washed  sweater by laying it flat?
edit: on second glance I think it probably is but I would probably need to fold the sleeves in a cross pattern or something.
If the cost of this does not reach the commit price and I purchase at the higher price will I be charged for 2 boards?
Hi Csduke,
No you would never be charged for two boards. If you join the drop, and enough people join in at either drop point, you pay that price. If you commit to the drop, then you would only pay the lowest price, if enough people join. Currently we are one person away from hitting the lowest price so it's safe to say this will be a successful drop. Hope that helps!
Thank you!
Would this work if I just wanted to set it on top of a table?
It might but it has wooden slats that fit on the outside of a regular ironing board so it stays secure. I think those pieces of wood might make it a little unstable.
Is there a shipping cost to get delivered to me?
I believe it says free shipping to USA
I just purchased the BetterBoard and it arrived this week. I am so very happy with it. The board fits snugly on my older ironing board and is perfect not only for ironing widths of fabric and quilt tops/backings, but with the optional cutting mat makes for a large work surface. My only criticism is that the pad is quite thin. I plan on adding extra heat resistant batting as there is some extra room in the cover to allow this.
I finally had the opportunity to open the box and set this up only to discover that the protective pad is missing. So disappointing!
I purchased this the last time this was available. So happy with it! Makes dealing with huge chunks of quilt backings, large quilt tops and even curtains a breeze to press.
Can you order just the cover with protective mat?
Hi davissa2,
Not on this drop.
So glad I bought this! I have been using this for the past 2 weeks 1) to iron 8 different fabrics from which i cut (with help of the new mat) 200 6" squares for a quilt swap 2) to cut 160 rectangles for a "brick" ispy quilt and 3) to trim the finished quilt top and backing and border and batting. The height is adjustable (unlike my dining room table) so much easier on my back.
amazon and Nancys notions have a similar board that sounds better for the same price, maybe check out those first.
What is it called on those sites?
I've been checking out Amazon and Nancy's Notions. Their deals are more expensive. This is a good deal.