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This is a group buy for the Beyerdynamic DT990 Premium Headphones (250ohm version). The DT990 is a sophisticated headphone designed for enthusiasts. Handcrafted in germany, the build quality on these headphones is second to none. This is also the lightest headphone in it's class at 667g (1.5 pounds) so hours of use will induce little to no fatigue.

All of these factors are great but the real advantage of these headphones is sound quality. Sonic reproduction is the cornerstone of Beyerdynamic's design with forward sounding highs and punchy rich bass response. Detail and soundstage are also among the best available at this price point. Have you ever noticed John and Ringo whispering in the background of a Beatles outro? Have you ever listened to a pair of headphones that let you pick out every instrument in Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture? no? Sounds like you could use some Beyerdynamic DT990s.

Quick word of advice, these headphones have 250ohms of impedance by default. This means they sound even better with a powerful headphone amp. Good thing we have a group buy for the Bottlehead Crack OTL Headphone Amp running right now.


32ohm and 600ohm versions now available!

The 32ohm version can be used comfortably without any additional amplification. This is the best option for someone using a portable music source like an ipod or netbook.

The 600ohm version is for the extreme enthusiasts. This impedance requires a high powered amp but the sound quality is regarded even more highly than the other two models.


  • Open back design
  • Strong bass and treble
  • Robust spring steel headband
  • Single-sided cable
  • Soft headband pad
  • Gold-plated 1/8" mini stereo jack plug (3.5 mm) and 1/4" adapter (6.35 mm)

Product Reviews

"The comfort is near perfect for me. I can use the headphones all the day, without feel discomform. And i use glasses. Sometimes i forgot that i have put it in my head."
- wllashort ( 1/2010)

"The clarity of the DT 990s is superb. You hear everything, whether you want to or not." - (, 07/2010)

"Should we run the DT990s? Damn right we should. I went through every flagship headphone from that generation and the DT990 was my favorite by far. It's still my main desktop headphone"
- Will (Engineer at Massdrop)

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Shipping Prices

  • USA - $8.50
  • Canada - $16.00
  • Australia - $30.00
  • Puerto Rico - $13.00
  • Malaysia - $30.00
  • UK - $32
  • New Zealand - $30
  • Norway - $31
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