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Beyerdynamic MMX 102 iE IEM

Beyerdynamic MMX 102 iE IEM

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I have these and wouldn't hesitate at this price. Mine went through the wash ... still sound great
BrodyB I was looking at and in the Q & A its mentioned that the mic/remote is universal
I have these bought off retail. This pair has good deep bass with good quality. Also has a warm sound signature. If you like listening to male vocals or jazz this is nice. It ain’t harsh sounding on the highs which is a slight turn off for some.

If anyone is wondering, the SoundMAGIC E80 is still on a league of its own in terms of sound quality.
why the LEFT one so much bigger than the right one?
A shame that these are more Apple centric
BrodyB yes, apparently the world will end if they make them compatible for Android users. Hell, in this day and age, they should make them cross compatible
I concur that this isn't the greatest deal. Even on amazon you can get better ones from their IDX line for very cheap.
Newer Beyerdynamic IEM models have been introduced here for less than $41 (e.g dx 120)

These are $27USD at Newegg..
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