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BioLite KettleCharge

BioLite KettleCharge

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Fill, Heat, and Charge

The BioLite KettleCharge is a unique device that converts boiling water into power, and provides clean drinking water after use. Able to output up to 10 watts of power on any given use, simply fill the stainless steel body with water, heat over a flame, and begin charging your devices. The folding power handle makes the system easier to carry, pour, and pack and features a user-friendly dashboard that shows heat warnings and a water level indicator—to prevent overheating. The KettleCharge works equally well in the outdoors and in your kitchen during power outages and emergencies. Be prepared for anything with this innovative technology from BioLite.

BioLite KettleCharge
BioLite KettleCharge
BioLite KettleCharge
BioLite KettleCharge
BioLite KettleCharge

How Does the KettleCharge Work?


  • Biolite
  • Materials: Stainless steel, aluminum, high-temperature plastic
  • USB Power output: 10 W (5V, 2A)
  • Charge time: 15 minutes for 5 hours of talk time, 5 hours of video, or 20 hours of audio
  • Compatible devices: Powers most USB-chargeable devices including tablets
  • Battery: Safe lithium iron phosphate (LiFeP04), 1250mAh
  • Max fill: 750 mL
  • Dimensions: 7.32 in (18.6 cm)
  • Weight: 32 oz (907 g)


  • BioLite Kettle Charge
  • Heat-Resistant Flexible USB Extender
  • Instructions


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