Birmingham Inks (3-Pack) – Massdrop Exclusivesearch

Birmingham Inks (3-Pack) – Massdrop Exclusive

Birmingham Inks (3-Pack) – Massdrop Exclusive

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I have inked a pen with the Bankers Ice Rink and really like it. It looks like these colors for the drop are not yet showing on the Birmingham site-will definitely pick up some 60ml bottles when they do!
Looks like purple is sold out so no order for me
Look under option 2 or option 3. I was able to select purple as my 2nd option. We'll see if I actually get it.
Hey that worked, thanks!
I go to church every Wednesday and Sunday, voted for Trump, have a great imagination and only speak English. Proud of it all.
I've purchased several inks from Birmingham before and can vouch for them. This is a great deal. These bottles are usually $7.99 each.
Unless these exclusives are from a different source, the Birmingham inks are made in Germany. The previous Chesterfield line was made in the UK by Diamine. I'd join this drop if it was for all 5 inks. I subscribe to the Birmingham Pen Parcel and am always up for more of these colors.
Just a vote of confidence ... I started buying from him back in the xfountainpens days. Super nice fellow.

This gentleman (well I am making an assumption. But I think gent) is going through the entire line and making very detailed reviews over on FPN:

I’m from Pittsburgh, and I’ve never heard of these guys. I’m in. Bought 2 sets to get all the colors, doubled up on the swanky green! Def check out the brand’s site, they have loads of colors - very smoky, subtle blues and grays, some super sharp pinks and reds.
I think they used to be before they got a b&m store and rebranded.
What would it cost to get all 5
To get all 5, you have to purchase 2 sets - it’ll be $29.98. But, you have to pick three bottles for each order, so you end up with 6 bottles instead of 5. Double up on the one you like most.
What would it cost to buy all 5 colors
"Hand bottled"

"Ink that’s professional enough to use for daily writing, with enough character and nuance to garner appreciation from discerning eyes."

Who writes this trite nonsense? What sort of idiot thinks that kind of copy influences a purchase decision? Worse--what kind of idiot actually is influenced by it?!!!

And what I'm supposed to do with all those bottles of ink I've amassed over the years that I now must assume aren't "professional" and worse--may actually have been filled by some kind of infernal machine? I probably have fifty bottles of ink by a dozen manufacturers--why wasn't I told I was only buying amateur-grade ink at the time?

And when did our society sink to the level of ink-shaming? Will I be bullied now by users who's ink is more nuanced than mine? Is there a support group for folks who's ink doesn't garner appreciation?

And while we're on the subject, exactly how and when, does one make the leap from an amateur to a professional ink-writer? Is there a guild? Do I need an agent? Do I get a fat signing bonus?

And do I need a professional fountain pen to use this ink? I certainly wouldn't want some "discerning eye" to notice that my ink was suitably nuanced, but my pen wasn't--how embarrassing would that be?! As bad as wearing a white dinner jacket after six? A guy could probably could get arrested for that sort of thing somewhere...
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For someone who loses their mind about ink descriptions, you're quite a pleasant conversationalist.
Oh yes—I’m widely known around these parts, as a Pleasant Conversationalist—no question about that.
;- )
Was gonna buy but shipping to Europe is more expensive than the ink!
Hey these look good. would you be able to provide some samples of words written in the color they're in? And maybe one on rhodia/clairefontain and one on a normal office paper for comparison?
Cotton swabs aren't that accurate of the true color. Thanks!