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Bisbell Magnabloc Soft Touch Knife Blocks

Bisbell Magnabloc Soft Touch Knife Blocks

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It would be nice if it had a couple of slots on top for non-magnetic knives, like Ceramic Blade knives. I think most people have at least one of those that gets regular use now. I know I do and I use it all the time. I think the two sided block will hold all my other knives, but if I replace my old knife block with it, I will orphan my ceramic knife. :(

Are there any negative aspects of this block to consider before buying. I am so close to making the jump, even though I won't need it for a couple of months.
Do you have to hold the block while removing a knife? I'd assume not for a pairing knife, but I'm guessing the bigger ones stick to the block a little more.
I ordered this on the last drop as well as the mounted magnetic block. Both are great but my girlfriend and myself keep our knives almost exclusively on this freestanding block. It's been fantastic and it's a great comfort knowing the knives which were an investment for me are so well protected. This is a great buy, we still have the wall mounted magnetic block but we use it for our measuring cups and spoons now instead of our knives. (Still very handy) I keep a bread knife on the back of it which sticks up a bit but doesn't budge unless I want it to. My chef's knife is fairly large but it hasn't had any issues holding it in place. Bigger blades seem to hold easier than smaller. My paring knife likes to tilt if it isn't flush with the top.
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For me personally I'm still using it with no issues. Just based on other posters in some threads that were worried about magnetism I have noticed the knives I use becoming slightly magnetized but this is a complete none issue for me. I'm only mentioning in the attempt of finding any reason someone might not want this holder. We couldn't be happier with the purchase it's been over a year with minimum twice daily use of pulling the knives off and on and no problems.
I appreciate your answer. Sound like a great buy! Thanks
This is a great idea....saves counter space PLUS insures your edge stays sharp. Love it!!!!
This arrived today for me. The magnet is sufficiently strong. Per the instructions, you slide the knife up to remove it from the block.
I need something like this... though my longest loose knife is a 10-inch bread knife. I wonder if it would be too top-heavy or otherwise weird? Obviously there will be a couple inches of blade above the top.

I suppose I could put it diagonally across one side.
I don't think it would be a problem at all. The magnet holds all my knives in place firmly.
I keep a breadknife on this stand and it does stick up a bit but it hasn't even shifted, the more metal on the magnet the more secure the blade seems to be. Aesthetics are more personal preference but I have the same length bread knife you do and I always keep it on the back of the block. (Just don't use it as often)
I would be concerned about the knife blades possibly slicing and damaging the neoprene and revealing the magnet underneath; is this an issue with it?
I'm interested in hearing the answer to this question.
The neoprene on this block is not as soft or flexible as what you would find on a wetsuit. It would require some effort to slice it.
How much does this weigh?
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It weights just under 5lbs
I guess that's why shipping to Australia is $33 :(
Is this just the block? None of the knives displayed are included?
Yeah this would just be the block friend
That's what I figured, thank you.
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