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BKD 4 Seasons Resin & Wood Artisan Keycap

BKD 4 Seasons Resin & Wood Artisan Keycap

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Where's the price?
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Not sure if its just me, but I got a half assed flower with some petals and a whisp here and there.
I left a review with pictures for those intrigued. Was let down with this one.
Same for me unfortunately. :(
Underwhelming. No white whisps/detail as in the product pics, it's like they took the best of their batch and sent us some half-assed clones. I got a small flower and weird positioning on mine where its angled away from the eye. Wouldn't recommend, but nice for photos of the individual key. 3/5.


finally shipped for me too!
Same here
Also for me. Finally, I thought it will be cancelled.
Hey, I just got my shipping notification. I guess all hope isn't lost!
I don't want to encourage others to do the same, but personally I cancelled my order consisting of all 4 caps.
Reasons being: *) The quality of Mt. Fuji (also from BKD) was nothing like advertised. A huge disappointment. *) The delay with zero information on what caused it. Is it quality/production issues? Do they take longer because BKD is going the extra mile to make sure they look as advertised? No one knows, or at least no one is communicating the reason. Not good enough for me. I want to buy products here, not gamble.
As usual, Massdrop support was great and already processed my cancellation (which I requested shortly after the delay was announced).
Good thing that you cancelled. Check my review on how it looks. I want my money back
I'm not surprised. Just wait for pictures from other users though, because yours actually might be a decent one.
Can we atleast have some form of update, like maybe a new estimated ship date? I really don't want to cancel this....
This is kind of ridiculous guys. Been almost a month after the expected shipping date and you are keeping everyone in the dark. At least give us a head up you're working on mitigating the situation. An update, something?
Is it normal that we have to wait so long with out a information?
so...when's it gonna actually ship?
Any update about shipment date?
Why are artisans become more and more SA only? I'd love a cherry profile artisan like this. Same for OEM profile users probably.
I asked about it and they said it looked bad to do this type of clear resin artisan in a lower profile
All my top rows are used with nice keycaps. I wish I could buy another Infinity Ergodox so I'll instant buy one here!
Would they fit on a blackwidow chroma v1?
looks like it. if your switches have a + shape stem you should be fine.
Now this is an artisan cap that's worth the money.
Any minor discount for grabbing all four?
Considering this is already a group buy discount, I kind of doubt it.
Wish there were... I'd go for all 4, if we could get a little discount for all 4... hint..
Honestly, I love the idea, but having just one is gonna look weird, four is nice because you can make patterns. However that gets pricey, I'd rather have a spacebar made like this. It would look god damn amazing on every board!
Please make a SPACEBAR VERSION!!! <3
You can put this on your ESC key! Won’t look weird there imo
True, that would like pretty nice
How does it feel like when you touch it?
Soft and sensual.
That is exactly how it should feel.
what kind of sa profile? r1? r2?
K I need to stop visiting massdrop.
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OMG is that the A&H Leather Bifold and EZ Key Lockpicking set??? MUST KEEP BUYING.
Can the producers provide a better description of the stem? It does look a little wonky compared to the rest of the cap, and breakage is a concern for me
@XiK the silence around this is concerning. I was ready to back this until I saw other people’s concerns about the stems and the subsequent lack of responses...
I'm giving this a shot since I like the design. I hope the key doesn't disappoint like the lack of communication (even basically acknowledging the concern, maybe?) has, but these guys make keycaps, not PR campaigns. We'll see.
I really like these but I'm wary of buying them. Are these the same people that did the Iceland caps?
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too short :/
:( sadness
Looks like the stems are glued on?
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LOL. Artisan.
That just looks like a rough finish that didn't take stain well, which makes sense considering it looks cnc'd on the underside. For so much money for a single keycap though, you'd think they'd made sure it has a nice finish all around. I'm not saying it's easy to do, but if they want so much for it, it had better be flawless. It is worth mentioning that I would consider that to be a rather fragile stem though that may require glue in the future if you're more than a little rough with it.
Those sure are some purdy flowers. But what are they grey keycaps in the photos?
confirmed - we used the ALT for this drop