BKD 4 Seasons Resin & Wood Artisan Keycapsearch

BKD 4 Seasons Resin & Wood Artisan Keycap

BKD 4 Seasons Resin & Wood Artisan Keycap

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Why are artisans become more and more SA only? I'd love a cherry profile artisan like this. Same for OEM profile users probably.
I asked about it and they said it looked bad to do this type of clear resin artisan in a lower profile
All my top rows are used with nice keycaps. I wish I could buy another Infinity Ergodox so I'll instant buy one here!
Would they fit on a blackwidow chroma v1?
looks like it. if your switches have a + shape stem you should be fine.
Now this is an artisan cap that's worth the money.
Any minor discount for grabbing all four?
Considering this is already a group buy discount, I kind of doubt it.
Wish there were... I'd go for all 4, if we could get a little discount for all 4... hint..
Honestly, I love the idea, but having just one is gonna look weird, four is nice because you can make patterns. However that gets pricey, I'd rather have a spacebar made like this. It would look god damn amazing on every board!

Please make a SPACEBAR VERSION!!! <3
You can put this on your ESC key! Won’t look weird there imo
True, that would like pretty nice
How does it feel like when you touch it?
Soft and sensual.
That is exactly how it should feel.
what kind of sa profile? r1? r2?
K I need to stop visiting massdrop.

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OMG is that the A&H Leather Bifold and EZ Key Lockpicking set??? MUST KEEP BUYING.