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Hey everyone,<br><br>Happy to report that all the orders from the drop have been shipped out right on schedule!<br><br>If there’s anything else we can do to make your Massdrop experience better, feel free to email us at
Hey everyone,<br><br>Great news! Our order of the Black Ultra Pro Sleeves has just arrived in our warehouse. <br><br>Our warehouse staff are working on breaking down the bulk shipment and repackage them into individual orders before shipping them out to everyone. We are aiming to have everything shipped out within the next 24 hours.<br><br>Once your order is shipped out, you’ll be getting a notification email from us with shipment tracking information.<br><br>Cheers!
Hey everyone,<br><br>We have just been informed that our order of Ultra Pro Sleeves has been shipped out.<br><br>The shipment is estimated to arrive our warehouse before the end of business day on Tuesday. We have already alerted our warehouse staff about this shipment, so we should be able to process the bulk shipment upon arrival, and repackage them into individual orders before shipping them out to everyone very quickly.<br><br>Cheers!
What happened? I got an email saying this drop was on, but follow the link and it's no longer available?!?
Hmm...that's odd.

Please email us at, we'll help look into it for you.
Well I mean for the price its pretty much a little better than buy one get one, I got 5 orders for my proxy cube, I won't use that enough where the longevity of the sleeve won't be worth the 40 bucks I spent to sleeve nearly 1000 cards lol Any if a few split, they are cheap and easy to replace if you aren't grinding away on them every day.
are these matte or gloss finish? Ultra Pro makes both variations.
They're cheap and they'll do in a pinch but these sleeves leave much to be desired, things like fit , longevity and smooth shuffling.
is there any deal offered on combined shipping for multiple orders of this product?
Unfortunately not, shipping is free. We can't go any lower than free.
i see shipping as $5 bucks per unit. (canada)
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