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Blackbird Incense Pyres

Blackbird Incense Pyres

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10 Ways to Scent Your Home

Blackbird's modern incense cones are a great way to scent your space. Each cone is handmade using the highest-quality bamboo charcoal and the company's unique blends of high-quality essential oils. Each tin contains 20 scented black charcoal cones and has a lid that can act as a burner—though Blackbird recommends using a dedicated burner plate or another vessel to make the experience your own. To use your incense pyres, place the cone on a stable, heat-resistant surface (like a burner plate, dish, tile, or stone) and carefully light the tip of the cone. Let it burn for 10 to 15 seconds until an ember has formed, and then blow it out. Allow the cone to smoke until it has burned all the way through. Afterwards, make sure to dispose of the ash in water to prevent the risk of fire. Learn more about the individual scents in the “Scent Profiles” section below.

Note: At checkout, you’ll have your choice of 10 scents: Ai, Blood Countess, Gorgo, Hekkes, Izba, Lonewa, Nahk, Ploom, Targa, or Tilde. Or choose the incense sampler set (+ $2), which includes two cones of each of the above scents.

Blackbird Incense Pyres

About Blackbird

Eleven years ago, Blackbird was a little-known design studio in Seattle’s burgeoning Ballard neighborhood. At the helm was Nicole Miller, who curated a selection of lesser-known style brands that earned the store a small but dedicated following. When local press began to take notice and the following grew, Miller launched her own line of American-made denim. Then came home goods, accessories, and apothecary items. Pretty soon, it was national media singing her praises. Today, the company’s trademark art-meets-nature aesthetic reaches fans around the globe.

Blackbird Incense Pyres
Blackbird Incense Pyres
Blackbird Incense Pyres


  • Blackbird
  • 20 cones per tin
  • Lid can act as burner
  • Burning time: Approx. 20 minutes
  • Scent longevity: 2–6 hours in a medium-size room
  • Sample set contains 2 cones each of 10 different scents

Scent Profiles

  • Ai — geranium and moss
  • Blood Countess —dragon's blood resin and frankincense
  • Gorgo — beeswax and wood bouquet
  • Hekkes — flower nectar and oud
  • Izba — lavender and wood
  • Lonewa — New Orleans moss and fig
  • Nahk — leather and cinnamon leaf
  • Ploom — tobacco and gardenia
  • Targa — oud and incense
  • Tilde — oud and pepper sage


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