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BlackVue DR Series CPL Filter

BlackVue DR Series CPL Filter

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Will this fit the new 4K DR900?
Is this only for the front and not the rear?
Correct, only the front.
good deal. better than with their $10 off and %5 FLASH5 coupon.
Nice deal!
I've got a real love/hate relationship with Massdrop. My drop for the Backvue camera was an unbeatable bargain....and then there's this....when you factor in shipping, it's the same price anywhere, but elsewhere it ships instantly. C'mon Massdrop! You can do better! Sell this for $29 with shipping included (a $10 savings) and I'd probably be in for another drop.
Will this fit on the Blackvue DR750S?
This will fit on the DR750S
Will this work on my cannon rebel? Will I get raped by customs fees that mass drop doesn't warn consumers about?
It’s about the size of a quarter, specific for a dash cam brand. No, it won’t fit your Cannon camera.
Hi, is there also an offer for the rear camera?

Our apologies for the delay on this drop, but the units just arrived at our warehouse and will be shipping out very soon.
A week goes by and nothing? I'm dropping out if there's no update by August. It'll be the 2nd bad experience I have with Massdrop. Whoever is in charge of this drop needs to get their shit together.
So any update on this delay?
What's the trade-off with installing this filter? Are bright daylight scenes blownout/less sharp?
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Oh! Found a better one. You can see it as the filter is installed, and then adjusted to the proper orientation.
Wow, thanks buddy! Appreciate the input!
That is definitely noticeable with the reduction in reflections. The same user posted a night-drive recording with the CPL installed as well, which is quite dark:

So it looks like the difference with a CPL filter installed is:
- Less reflections showing up on your windshield
- Less glare from headlights
- Darker night scenes
Do we know what material the mount is made of?
What about the DR470? Will this fit it
The lens will work, but the fitment is a little big for the body of the 400series and will rattle. Per the vendor, a lot of customers with the 400series tighten up the clip with electrical tape and it works fine.