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Hey, Dren was new and improved, legs took a bit getting used to,, but a perfect fit...
Maybe we could all check out the sound track,, next we watch it, perfect cans for the job...
Starts aptly with:
Frenchy's Written and Performed by Holy Fuck Courtesy of XL Music Ltd / 4AD Music Ltd
I like Blue's headphones, but the headband and earpads deteriorate within a year or so of use. They are not user replaceable either, it's the only reason why I do not recommend them.
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That happened to mine. They have a two year warranty. I contacted their support, they send me a return auth. I waited a little less than a month and replaced my headphones with a new unit.
Ditto. Mine are over a year old and show essentially zero wear and tear.
WARNING: These headphones weigh 481 grams (over a pound)! Most headphones weigh half- to three-quarters of a pound. So that they don't fall off while in use, Blue engineered them to have extremely tight caliper (head-clamping) pressure.

With planar-magnetic drivers and a custom-tuned amplifier built-in, the Blue Ella may sound impressive. But what good are headphones if they're uncomfortable?

For around $300, people that don't mind tight, heavy headphones could consider the Blue Ella. But at this price, they should be a hard pass.
I actually bought these around launch. I returned them within a week. The built in amp wasn't great. I mainly just use Google Play music (downloaded with high quality setting) and I'm not sure if that was the reason but they did not sound great. The only artist I could actually enjoy is Pentatonix. Everything else that I listened to on these headphones made me just want to listen. To my much cheaper AKG 845bt. Heck, my Massdrop X Fostex T-X0 are much more comfortable and sound way better across every genre. Also the Ella's are huge and heavy. I was on public transit and someone got my attention to tell me how nice the headphone are. They then asked if I got them out of a 24 pack of beer. I returned them the next day.
Built in amp?
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Maybe the copper top explains the weight?
No DAC, no amp per se, direct digital; real MEM(e)S, what I am looking forward to hearing, take out (all) the crap in the middle, this is still just "Spam in a can" C.Y., it won't continue, "Don't Panic" D.A.
I've heard these on numerous occasions and while I wasn't blown away I wasn't repulsed either. I just prefer my Focal Spirit Classics (which sound kind of similar) and my HD6XX.
I actually liked the looks of these headphones, but the adjusting mechanism on them is a bit weird and it definitely takes some getting used to.
I'll make one negative note about it, it juts out from the back of your head which makes leaning your head back up against things difficult, otherwise I find them to be extremely comfortable.
I wonder how these would compare to the Audeze EL-8 Closed Back Titaniums, I heard those at an Apple store and was incredibly impressed, but for $800 they’re a bit steep.
These could be Focal utopia good and they would be too hideous to own.
$199 is more like it. The price of this headphone is outrageous, and the SNR of the internal amp is only >101db, but the lineout on my DAP has >120db SNR, so this headphone will not let my DAP sound its bestūüė©
I own the blue Lola and love them, I think people overlook them due to the goofy appearance.

That being said, I can't justify these. The reviews are good, not great, and I question the built in amp at this price (and wonder how much it contributes to the price). Like has also been said, balanced is where it's at.

Until I see someone compare these to mrspeakers aeon, I think these are a bit too quirky for me.
I've had a set of Blue MOFI for two years. I like the sound. They really started to sound nice after about 20 hours of use. The MOFI came with a smartphone cable that has a Mic and button controls.
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Jude is the last person you should look to for advice, people throw around shill too liberally bit it applies perfectly to Jude.
And then there's Zeos; another guy who never met drop he wasn't in love with ;- )
AKG takes me a lot of money, but at lest taught me one thing... Guys go "balance"! Don't learn the old school fashion from AKG!!! I'm not saying it is bad, but one of the most cheap and significant way to improve a earphone is go changing a balanced cable. It is the time for your fancy stuff like balanced DAC, AMP to show their power.
Balanced sampling the same music with an identical output sounds the exact same as SE. Completely placebo.