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Blue Orange Games Bundle (3 Games)

Blue Orange Games Bundle (3 Games)

Where's the price?
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Hi All,

The Kingdomino included in this drop is the Giant Version with larger dominos and meeples, not the standard edition.

So being the Giant version of Kingdomino it would be incompatible with Queendomino. I originally got the giant version, but gave it away to get the smaller version. The big one just was more effort to shuffle and store and didn't add anything to gameplay (I loved the detail on the pieces though!). But it was the incompatibility with Queendomino that made us want the regular version. (edited for typo go > got )
Well that's super unfortunate.
This seems to indicate the price on these is supposed to be $120. MSRP on each of them are the following:
Photosynthesis: $39.99
Kingdomino: $19.99
Queendomino: $29.99 (This one I'm not entirely sure on. I'm going off the top of my head, but we carry them at work. If anything, it's lower than this).
Currently $84.09 on Amazon with free Prime shipping as of 3/18/18.
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