This is a group buy for a sample Transmission Case to be sent out for the e90post community's research. More information about this product can be found here:

Massdrop will help safely collect the funds and will send them to the supplier of the group's choice. Massdrop will then help coordinate and communicate with the shop that is handling the upgrade.

One 'unit' of this item is a $25 contribution to the project. Two units is a '$50' contribution, etc. If this group buy doesn't reach the $500 needed by the end of the timer, everybody will automatically receive a refund. Also, the group buy can be extended or shortened depending on what the group wants.

You can email us at any time with any questions that you have.

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Massdrop helps you buy as a group to get the best prices on the things you want.
As a result, products we sell have a substantial discount which we are forbidden from displaying publicly. Keeping our site private allows us to negotiate more effectively with vendors on your behalf.
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BMW Transfer Case Upgrade Project
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