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Used it a lot today and to be honest, I expected more. The click feels to far off (80%) pushed. It feels like it should click sooner. Also, something rattles inside even with a easy flow 9000. I also feel the tip doesn't stick out far enough. On top of those, it's kind of chunky feeling.
Thanks for sharing your experience. That does sound disappointing, especially for the price.
If it was a tad slimmer, it would be a great pen. It's fun to fidget with, but when I actually use it, it's just to chunky.
I've gotten a tracking number. Hopefully it's the correct item that arrives.
What is the tip size?
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The 900 and 9000 are the exact same from what I see. I have both right here. I'm guessing the only difference between the 2, is the ink they contain.
This takes the Schmidt easy flow 9000 and is actually cheaper here than elsewhere? I'm in.
I bought one on the last drop and like it enough that I'm considering a second. I would to find a smaller to refill though.
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$39 just like this.

I got the black one, so I paid $49
I just bought the chrome. That 2 tone finish looks great. I've been waiting for a clicky that takes the easy flow.
I bought the black one from the last drop and I'm generally happy with the pen. It came presented in a nice box/package with a fold out that explained the heritage of the company and the inspiration for the pen. Solid and clean fit and finish, and the clip-push mechanism works great. I took out the preloaded Schmidt P900 black refill and replaced it with a Schmidt EasyFlow 9000 refill. The pen now writes super smooth.
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Wish more companies would make pens using the Pilot G2. I've used many ballpoint styled refills (including the Schmidt) and none have written as nicely as the Pilot G2.
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The g301 is my daily and on me at all times. How's the weight of this compared to the zebra?
I don't believe it takes the Pilot G2. It takes the Parker G2-sized refill and similar-sized refills, if I'm not mistaken about what the description says.
there has to be one hell of a good reason to charge $40 for a pen.
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fine, fine. but how does this pen compare with another one i can buy right now from Office depot? im not an expert in this kind of thing
The pen body makes a difference when you're writing. What I really appreciate is a pen with some heft. I think it makes writing easier and it just feels better in the hand. No to mention nice pens are something you tend to keep up with more than a cheap disposable. I have been using a Karas Kustoms Bolt (in brass) for over two years. It has seen a few cartridges, but the same body and it will probably last forever. Lastly, people notice small things like your choice in pen. When I'm out at a restaurant or in a busines meeting, I get comments. What you write with, like what you wear, makes a statement about who you are.

TL;DR - Because awesome, and who doesn't want awesome?
This is actually a pretty nice pen and their packaging is beautiful. I had a chance to review one during their initial launch and I rather enjoyed it. I didn't think it was totally worth the price at full asking, but at the lowest price of $40 here, it's a good deal. My review is here:
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And that was supposed to say loose tip, not lose top, but I can't seem to find the edit function. Did they remove edit from the discussion page again?
You should be able to hit the three little dots next to "Reply" and click "Edit" to change your message. The tip I'm not sure about. With the Schmidt EasyFlow 9000, it doesn't "click" at all so it's not a concern. But if you're using the 900 (which I don't like at all), then it's a tiny bit loose. That's a finer refill though so that may be why.
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