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Bodum PEBO Vacuum/Siphon Coffee Maker

Bodum PEBO Vacuum/Siphon Coffee Maker

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The Bodum PEBO Vacuum/Siphon Coffee Maker is strictly for sissies--real men use a proper coffee maker!


So like a moka pot but glass and a Bunsen burner
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It is important to use a coarse grind with these unless you like sediment in your coffee. Once you've learned the process, they make excellent coffee. My stovetop Bodum vacuumatic is a backup for my Chemex. Thinking about buying this drop for use at one of the more isolated sites where I sometimes work.
Been using a Cona for over 25 years. Makes an excellent cup of Joe!
Has anyone had success pairing this with a Cory rod? It is a beautiful siphon but I'd rather avoid the plastic filter.
I don't have a Cory rod, but I have used a Cona rod. It worked fine.
Yes, I use a (“New”) Cory rod (purchased off eBay for ~$5)
with my Bodum Santos (effectively the same thing as this siphon brewer. GREAT combination.
This reminds me of Breaking Bad.
I love my coffee prepared on a siphon coffeemaker and have been preparing it this way for ages. It tastes smoother and richer than on the french press. Many years ago my siphon coffee maker had an alcohol burner but nowadays I use a Yama stove top siphon. Once the water in the lower chamber boils you attach the upper chamber with the grounds, and wait for the water to rise and than flow back into the lower chamber. From boiling to final coffee it does not take more than 5 minutes. Yama uses a reusable cloth filter that is very effective in trapping the coffee grounds and preventing sediment. Not sure how the Bodum filters the coffee.
I am in agreement with @Tigerman on this one, I have been using a Cona Vaccum Brewer for many years. I don't really think siphon brewing is for everyone (it is a bit temperamental) as it requires a bit of attention during brewing. Siphon will reward you with an excellent cup of coffee, as rich as a French press but much cleaner (read less sediment).
If you are after a great cup of coffee. If you are the type of person that doesn't mind experimenting with the parameters and can take a few minutes to attend the brewer while it drains (the most critical phase) then try it .
If you haven't seen this brewing method before, it's really good, and has been around for ages - it's not a new gimmick. It's a bit time consuming though, so more of a saturday morning activity with friends than a way to make a quick cuppa. I guess you could say it's an old gimmick, but it's survived all these years so you kind of have to say it's earned its place. I have the Hario version.
Breaking Bad brought me to siphon brewing, lol.
Haha, that bit was awesome, eh!