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Bohnanza Bundle

Bohnanza Bundle

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Trade Beans

Ever wondered what the life of a bean farmer is like? Plant, trade, and sell beans with Bohnanza! Players attempt to collect 11 kinds of beans to sell for gold. Recommended by the Spiel Des Jahres Awards in 1997, players make and break deals to become the richest bean farmer in this whimsical game.

Note: This bundle includes the base game, plus the two expansions Princes and Pirates, and Ladies and Gangsters.

Bohnanza Bundle
Bohnanza Bundle

Princess, Pirates, Ladies, and Gangsters

This bundle includes two expansions to the original game. Princes and Pirates takes the game out to sea, where stock must be transported while avoiding nefarious pirate ships, or players can play as a Prince trying to reach a sleeping princess and be the first to kiss her. In Ladies, female and baby beans are introduced where females give a higher payout than the male ones, and baby beans give no money at all. Gangsters can be played as a standalone game where 1-2 players compete against the bean mafia. Both expansions add a variety of rule changes, alternative gaming experiences, and new stories.

Bohnanza Bundle


  • Rio Grande Games
  • For 2 to 7 players
  • Playing time: 45 minutes
  • Suggested ages: 13 and up


  • Bohnanza
  • Pirates and Princes
  • Ladies and Gangsters


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