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I have to say I am a bit disappointed in this knife. Maybe I'm not looking in the right places but what I want is high craftsmanship, and I thought this having wood and Damascus would be exactly what I was looking for, but it feels unfinished at least to the degree I would expect from such an expensive knife.
Am I wrong or is the Damascus steel just worse at wear resistance, edge retention, etc than S35? Wish I could have the S35VN blade in the Cocobolo scales without buying two knives and swapping them...
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Are you sure the core of this blade is still S35VN? I've seen lots of VG10 cores with Damascus coatings like you describe, but I've also seen Damasteel, which (I'm pretty sure) is its own alloy. It doesn't mention in the description exactly which sort of Damascus this is, so I assumed it probably wasn't coated S35VN, since I haven't seen other blades with Damascus coatings and S35 cores.
After a bit more digging I'm less sure about sure about the core being S35VN. You're probably right about it being some other combination. And based on the variation in pattern that I've seen on the Exskelibur I Damascus from pictures on other sites I'm not sure if they are even doing a core style blade at all (I was just looking at the one here on Massdrop at first). It would have been way better if that had said that it was Damasteel since that is a trademark held by Soderfors and they fully disclose everything about it on a material properties sheet (

You are right that it is more reasonable to assume nothing about the steels that they are using. The only way to know for sure would be to contact Boker support but I wouldn't hold my breath too much on them being transparent since it isn't in the marketing.
The carbon fiber version on Amazon for $108.33, with free Prime delivery. However, they are out of stock. Might be worth it to wait... just sayin’.
Back in stock, but price jump to 118.54 (as of 1/9). When shipped to GA, tax brings it to ~$128 (YMMV). Not as great of a price difference, but Amazon will ship it way faster.
great knife, got mine from elsewhere because it just wasn’t coming back soon enough here.
But i have to say, not a good deal here on the price. Got mine for 110$ brand new From
Sorry Massdrop, can’t nail it every single time! Still love being here!
I bought mine from MD for $110 a few months ago, must have been an increase or recently.
Mine came in 3 days ago, so pretty recent pricing
Hello Massdrop
since it says it will be shipped by the vendor, does this mean it will be shipped by Böker from Germany?
Would make it very interesting because of customs duty...
Please clarify.
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Too bad that Massdrop did not reply...
Just got this one for 110$ from the States. Brand new from a store online
Mine arrived today and it's a perfect specimen of Exskelibur. I got the CF/Titanium version.

It's razor sharp, evenly ground with good lock-up, perfectly centered. CF scales look fantastic under any light. I switched the clip to tip-up and now I'm in love. I read some reviews about handle being too thin and therefore affecting ergo. Sure it can be a concern if this is your only knife. I don't know who those people are and why they are on massdrop. I myself have 3 Exskelibur 1s and 3 Exskelibur 2s in different variations. In my collection this knife is the thinnest, and will be my pick for EDC, date-nights, trouser days, shorts days, and cycling. If I bring it to a steak restaurant, I guarantee some waiter will ask to see/handle it.

Also worth mentioning, before this I was envious of the new BM bugout/535. Not anymore! The knife belongs on the dinner table whereas the 535 will look like a kids' toy.

me happy, thx massdrop
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I don’t have as extensive experience with Exskeliburs as 99cuts does, but I have the cocobolo/damascus version. Its a very attractive knife and has a good action (especially after cleaning/lubing) despite being onTeflon washers. Like 99cuts said, if you carry this, people will ask to see it regularly.
However, as far as F&F goes, mine was only ok, the wood was pristine but the box inside was actually stained with whatever they used to stain/finish it, like it was put in there wet, didn’t seem to affect mine but that’s a little ugly. The biggest complaint I have is the complete lack of any chamfering on the liners, the edges are very sharp and completely raw. The Damascus pattern on mine was definitely uneven from one side to the other too.
Ultimately I feel like its a great design that Boker just missed the mark on execution. I think for the money there should have been better care taken with details like that. That being said, I can only speak for the damascus version. I would recommend the S35VN version.
Ditto on the sharp liners on other variants. I filed mine down using a ceramic stone. Just a few swipes does the job.

The cf version is linerless, i didnt have to perform any diy fixes.
I have this knife and I so wanted to like it being a front a flipper and with quality blade, and lightweight for its size. It came razor sharp I'd give it that. Having said that, those are about the only things I like about this knife. The ergo is not very comfortable and its probably because it is too thin and wide. The hardware screws are soft and you're likely to round them off during the clip orientation change. Front flipper action takes getting used so needless to say not intuitive. You'll get the hang of it but in the end a simple flipper knife is still way better. Adjustment of the pivot screw is something you'll have to continually need to do unless you apply loctite. It is not very stable and once it is loose the centering of the blade becomes way off. Over all I'd say this knife should be no more than a $50 knife and I'm still being generous here. Not what I expected for an over $100 knife. Save a little more and get yourself a Spyderco Para 3 .
it is true...I stripped all of my screws when I tried to change my clip position, but i did manage to do it at the least...however, I still like the knife a lot...the ergo works for me since I only use it for light duty...I love the front flipper way more than normal flipper due to the absent of a flipper tab. the s35vn is great edc steel....I put lock tight on my knife every time after i clean it, so it was not a problem. I highly doubt you can get a knife with CF, Ti handle with s35vn front flipper knife under 100....the price is not low but it is also not is a good deal.
I Also agree with you Rebuswind. I EDC this knife and love it. Its not a heavy knife, You can go all day with it in your pocket and forget its there until you need it. I haven't had a single problem with this knife and to be fair its more of a Gentleman's knife then a work horse but that's what I wanted.
I love wood handles but not damascus blades. Wonder if I could buy them both, swap the blades, and sell the damascus/CF combo as a 1-of-kind limited edition... 😂
I could see it.