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Boker Plus Voxknives Gnome w/ Olivewood Handle

Boker Plus Voxknives Gnome w/ Olivewood Handle

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just receivd mine and was not happy to find it cheapper at Amazon... should have looked there first.
It's $31.38 and in stock on Amazon as of this moment. Don't get why this is a deal or why it's "limited to 100." Is there something special about it beyond this?
Massdrop needs to show spine/top down shots so one can see the blade thickness in relation to the handle. This Critical element is missing from nearly 100% of your knife listings - extremely frustrating.
I honestly love the gnome, but expect to buy the American OpTac Kydex Sheath for it, because the leather sheath that it ships with should be thrown away on arrival.
Too cute to stay mad at.
If Massdrop has never dropped this knife in the Micarta/Kydex version, they really should. I much prefer that one over the olive wood. For some reason the Micarta locks in my hand a little better. Since it's literally a single finger grip, you need all the help possible. And the Kydex sleeve can be pocketed nicely, or worn on a chain.
The Olivewood doesn't look bad, just a little plain. But the leather "belt" sheath is comical at best. It can be pocketed also, though the loop just adds unneeded bulk. And it is not big enough to fit on any belt larger than a GI Joe doll (oops, I mean action figure).
21$ for shipping to Europe? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Yep. That $21 delivery to Australia just killed it.
Yep, same one.
They also have a variant with a micarta handle for ~$34 ( and an antler handle for ~$66 (
@massdrop oddly when I was about to join the it doesn't ship to Singapore
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Fixed blades are not delivered from this site, folding ones are ok. Probably due to shipping vendor treating them different. You can try Urbantoolhaus or Fstoplights.
bro read earlier replies. nothing to do with that, its called controlling the market in the interest of distributors
$ 21.50 in shipping is a deal breaker for me. If only MD could remove the huge packaging on this item, to make the shipping more affordable.
Its luck of the draw, I have one and the sheath has no problems, I wear it on my neck every day (have done for months now) and not once has the knife even come loose.
You can get the micarta w/ Kydex sheath from Amazon prime for $27 and change. I'm always a sucker for olive wood though!
Must admit, my favorite combo with this knife is the Micarta handle with Kydex neck sheath. But both have a place in my mind......and collection. For those that may want to turn this drop into a neck knife (and try something new in the process), Kydex sheets are relatlively cheap, and easy to learn. Pick up a 12" x 12" sheet of 0.06" Kydex at .
Cut, heat, bend, trim/edge, drill if needed, then make minor tweaks and adjustments. May or may not want any hardware, trim, or attachments. Could be used alone as pocket sleeve, or drill and add neck chain. Pretty sure there are a few comments and tips/tricks if you read further down. Can be quite fun.
Handle on this thing is offset a full centimeter. Blade is nice but its weird having a smooth handle except for the part where you grip where there is a full centimeter 90 degree cliff. Kind of sharp too where the metal isnt flush on the handle. Has a lifetime warranty but then you have to pay for shipping which is half the price of a new one. Pretty neat blade. I will try to grind down the handle but really boker should check that before they send them out. Kind of an odd thing to overlook.
Just for fun, here's two of the four Gnome variants. The model in this drop is on the right. Just as it will be out of the box. The Micarta handled neck knife version on the left, comes with bead neck chain and no lanyard. There are also Stag and Carbon Fiber handle versions.


Or, maybe you picture your new Gnome to be just part of a larger package. This is one I call my "Poker Table Ensemble". Never leave home without it. 😂😁😎

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Laser sight.
Hey everyone,
This drop includes the leather sheath, no kydex sheath is included. Thanks for flagging the discrepancy in the copy, I've corrected the description.
@ChristopherCashell, @smallbit, @Bflying
ignore my email then
"It also comes with a Kydex sheath." "Included: Leather sheath"
Does it come with the leather sheath? or the Kydex sheath? The description at the top doesn't match the description at the bottom.
Classic assdrop move. I feel like it’s a bunch of middle school students working there. Rather pathetic IMO
" It also comes with a Kydex sheath. "
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No. No it doesn’t
Yeah... I never got one.
This Olivewood version is not very impressive and comes with a very poor quality leather sheath. The Micarta version is not that much different, but it looks and feels of a much higher quality. The Micarta version also comes with a very respectable quality Kydex sheath and neck chain.
Very cool little knife but like many others feel the leather sheath supplied does not do it justice. Anyway not a deal breaker and happy Massdrop offered a partial refund as compensation. Ended up making my own sheath and pleased with the way it turned out considering its my 1st foray with Kydex molding!

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Very cool! I'm still learning too but was a fun little project
I just used the standard 1/4" binding posts, flat head hex bolts & finishing washers used to attach clips etc. In hindsight the screws need to be longer and need to leave more meat on the leather
Pleasantly suprised by the nice leather sheath and lanyard included with this knife. I had been planning to make my own but now I don't have to. I dont understand what all the complaining is about. The kydex sheathes I've recieved on other boker knives have all broken the first time I jumped in the car or had it catch on something at work. I'll take leather over "tactical plastic" any day. Neat little knife with a hell of an edge out of the box. Thanks Massdrop!
All of the orders have been shipped and are now on the way to you! Once tracking is available, you will receive a confirmation email with tracking information. Please allow 24-48 hours for this information to update in the courier’s system.
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Hey everyone -- The copy error was corrected before the launch of the drop, but an internal error caused the page to revert to the original copy, which incorrectly listed the sheath material as Kydex instead of leather, which is pictured. Sorry for the error, our Support team will issue partial refunds, or you can submit a support request if you'd prefer to return it for a full refund. Thanks for letting us know so we could offer a resolution.
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Wish I could be more helpful, but I don't see any photos on the page (or in our files) that show a kydex sheath - only leather. You're welcome to share a screenshot here or with our Support team.
Don’t hold your breath son
The glue on the scales of my gnome doesn't look like It has adhered properly either as there is an air gap at the front. Really not impressed.
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Sounds like you got a defective unit, sorry to hear it. If you submit a support ticket we'll be glad to take care of that for you.
@JonasHeineman It looks like it, I submitted a ticket at the same time as my original comment yesterday. Hopefully will get a response today.
@JonasHeineman and @Tyler. Kydex sheith promised in the text has been replaced with a leather one that is unfit for the purpose of the knife, it also appears to be the second time this has occurred. Can you please provide some clarification and let us all know what will be done about it in the discussion as it seems to be being ingnored currently.
Individual packages have started to ship! The vendor confirmed earlier that majority of the group's order has been sent out with the rest scheduled for pickup shortly. Once your package is scanned into the courier's system an email will be sent with shipping confirmation and tracking info.
Expect another update from us on 10/26 or sooner if something comes up.
If you have any questions, please visit our Help Center (
I hope you don't think that changing the description after we all joined the drop resolves this issue. It doesn't. You owe us all an explanation and a Kydex sheath.
Come on, guys; QC. These things shipped with the wrong sheathe (which doesn't even fit the knife), rendering it all but useless as a neck knife.
I though this knife came with a kydex sheath? The leather one won't even hold the knife
where is my kydex sheath?? the leather one doesnt even fit my belt, and the knife falls out anytime i move. whats the deal massdrop?
Disappointed that it came with a leather sheath that the knife falls out of and not the kydex sheath it was said to be coming with.
I received my knife. Disappointingly, it arrived with a leather sheath and not the Kydex sheath as advertised. This sheath is useless as a neck knife.
False advertising by assdrop again. I swear they don’t even check the shit that they post. I’m embarrassed for them