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Boker Plus Burke Hitman Frame Lock Folders

Boker Plus Burke Hitman Frame Lock Folders

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Nice knife but I think I'd prefer the D2 version
Titanium upgrade option shows up as "+$XX" for me.
I am noticing that the G-10 model's blade is stamped as D2 steel while the titanium model is stamped VG-10. The description text implies that both models are VG-10 steel. It is my understanding that D2 can be a good knife steel, depending on manufacturer, but VG-10 is preferable. Please confirm the actual blade steel for each. Thanks!
Thanks for catching that, you're correct.

Which knife steel is "preferable" is a much-debated issue with no absolute depends primarily on how much you want to spend and what application it's being used for, among many other variables like quality of heat treatment and blade thickness and edge angle.

The main difference is that D2 is only 12% Chromium and therefore not considered stainless (13% min), but it will hold an edge longer and stand up to impact without chipping more reliably. VG-10 has 15% Chromium so it is considered 'stainless.' D2 is mostly used on fixed-blade knives, although it can be found on folders like the ESEE Avispa and Zancudo as well as a number of Bob Dozier designs. VG-10 is mostly found on Japanese cooking knives, and folding blades made in Japan or nearby in Taiwan or China, however it's also used by Fallkniven on many thick hunting knives (usually laminated).

Here's the manufacturer's info:
And here is a good writeup of D2 -

Hope that helps, thanks again for helping us to clear up any confusion here.
Thanks for taking the time to write out the info above. Its educational and interesting.
Looks like a Hinderer design for ZT. That's a good thing. I have Hinderers in S35 and Elmax but ZT doesn't make one with VG-10, and they sell for twice the price. Yes, the pivot on the ZT will be smoother, and it comes in that awesome black wash finish that is so popular. But even though the Hinderers are literally built to beat on, you wind up packing something cheaper when you have heavy work for your knife because (a) sharpening Elmax is a chore and (b) you spent too damn much on the knife to beat on it.

At $69.99 with enough takers, this knife comes with VG-10, which takes the highest razor polish on the strop of any steel I sharpen. It has a reputation for chipping but I haven't had any problems with my several VG-10 blades in this regard. Any very hard steel can chip in adverse conditions no matter how much you ponied up for the latest super steel. For my use, VG-10 is "super steel." I'm continually astounded at the incredibly sharp and polished edge I can put on it. Kaí uses it in their Shun line of kitchen knives, which may be a tiny bit overpriced but chefs are very happy with. YMMV.

@Massdrop, can you please clarify what shipping provider would be used for this knife for Canada? I am asking because I have had repeated problems when Asendia is used and no issues when USPS is used.

We've gotten this request a lot recently, our team is working on a way to clarify but it depends on a number of factors so we need a solution that's individual for each drop (as opposed to all drops). I think these are with USPS, but I'm not sure - I will ask our team to check.
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