Bonavita 5-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Brewersearch

Bonavita 5-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Brewer

Bonavita 5-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Brewer

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I have this coffee maker and am disappointed in it as well. I've tried a variety of coffee's and they seem to come out burnt tasting. My carafe does not leak like everyone else says but it does get water down inside between the interior insulating wall and the exterior wall somehow that is impossible to get out so it will constantly sound like water is swishing around (because it is). Would NOT buy again.
So, testing with actual coffee at the same temp as water results in a massive leak. I can only conclude that something is changing the properties of the liquid and allowing it to get past two quad rings. Very strange. Ok, so unless I can find something with a larger cross sectional area, I'm out of luck for now, dammit.
Bonavita can contact me to arrange further testing and payment since they have declined to do any testing themselves.
Ok, subsequent testing has revealed that size 150 X-Rings(Buna 70 durometer) have thus far yielded the best result yet. I tested it with water at machine brewing temp and detected no drips while pouring. Note that that this test was conducted only once and used two X rings, one in the original location and another near the top of the lid. The small sample size may preclude any statical conclusions.
On another more important note, it makes good coffee. But then so did my old 15 dollar S-Mart special. Shop smart, shop S mart. Good beans help.
I've done more than a few pots since my anti leak mod and I wish I could say I solved it, but I think I need a bigger X-Ring. Maybe one step up to 150? One pour it seems ok. The next it's Victoria Falls. Odd that.
On another note: I am not an engineer, but i did work as an engineering technician and quality control test technician for 25 years before medical issues forced me to retire. So I'm not an expert on anything, but I know quite a bit about many things.
On the leaking issue, I am currently using a size 149 buna X-ring seal on the cover. Leakage has been reduced to almost nothing. I noticed there is an open space above the X-ring seat lip and the cover, so I added a second X-ring above the first. The cover seats fine with no additional effort. I could try going one size up on the X-rings. The supplied X-ring looks to be made of silicone or something like it. I suspect the temp rating is off as it tends to seal better cold than hot. Also, I suspect the design of the cover may be suspect as it just looks like an odd arrangement to me.
Just got mine, about to have my first cup of joe. No leaks while pouring water, small leak while pouring hot coffee. My bet is O-ring is not rated for temp. Other than that, seems fine. Makes coffee, though doesn't taste any better or worse than my cheap one. I use a scoop each of Kona, Jamaican Blue Mountain, Peruvian, Guatemala Antigua, and Kenya.
is it possible to get a 220v for this?
I’ve got the big brother! Makes excellent coffee however the carafe lid is a piece of junk! Constantly leaks and has very restricted flow! Still, good unit decent price!
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Yep, my 8 cup reservoir holds less than my carafe so I usually go just a bit over and it's fine. Occasionally I'll go a little too over and it pools below the carafe. I'm with you I think it's to prevent over filling. It's not an issue for me though, I love mine. I actually had an issue with mine that was probably more my fault but it was still under warranty and they sent me a new one. I'm extremely satisfied with mine and would buy another one if this one fails. Customer service was amazing, I didn't have to ship it back, just explained the issue and they sent me a new one.
Yeah, what you experienced makes sense to me. I think you're probably right with regards to quality control--some just aren't sealed properly. I may try to seal the gap myself or gamble on a new carafe. They're not cheap though : /
This is a great coffee maker. That price is insane. I bought mine a few years back for $129 and that was a good deal then. I mostly brew pour overs, v60 and Kalita Wave, but this is my batch brew maker of choice.
I have the 8 cup (1.3 L) version, and it is a very nice coffee maker. I don't miss having a burner, because the stainless carafe keeps it warm without developing the burned taste that you sometimes get from a burner.
I purchased this coffee maker primarily because it’s low profile fits on my counter under the cabinets. The coffee is excellent and by pre-heating the carafe, the coffee stays hot. My only objection, and it’s a major issue, is that the lid does not fit well and the carafe leaks when pouring despite every effort to tighten it. Perhaps a different silicon washer would correct the proble.
massive upgrade to my morning cup of joe! was using a $30 target special with a reusable/washable filter previously for about 5 years. i was reluctant to go back to using paper filters, but ultimately they just do a better job of filtering. improvements for me include:
1. much improved, richer coffee flavor
2. cleaner coffee without any coffee grounds floating in the bottom of my cup
3. more precise temperature control yields a better brew
4. wasnt sure about the stainless carafe, but it does a good job of keeping the coffee hot and i dont have to worry about accidentally bumping into something and having it break/crack. although the lid leaks if not tightened enough
5. consistency - water in, same amount of coffee out. for some strange reason, my old coffee maker did not put out a consistent amount of coffee. if i measured 2 cups in, sometimes i'd get a cup and a half. other times, i'd get 2 cups. probably related to water temp.
6. smaller footprint than my old coffee maker.
Recently received the 8-cup version from an earlier drop (shipped early), and it's making tastier coffee than the Cuisinart I was using based on Consumer Reports reviews.

Though I worried I'd miss the warmer for a glass carafe, the stainless steel carafe is doing a good job of keeping it steaming as long as the lid goes on early. Even when I let a cup of coffee get cold, I usually don't mind drinking it, whereas the cold coffee from my previous machine was awful.

Thumbs up on these machines.
220v or 110v? Also does this have a keep warm function?
It will be 110 and a heating element on a vacuum sealed container won't do anything so no. Bonavita does have a european spec line if you want one .