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Any Update on shipping?
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What the hell honestly, this was meant to be a gift for someone and now this is just plain rude of Massdrop.

From Masssdrop support on Feb 5 "We are currently waiting for the vendor to ship the bulk order to the warehouse and we have not received updates on the new estimated arrival, unfortunately. Logistics will update everyone via email and/or the discussion board as soon as they have more information. "
I purchased one of these about 9 months ago, and this is a solid "Coffee Maker". I'm into both espresso and pour-over and I very rarely drink coffee from "The Pot" but this does a nice job overall.

I purchased this for my wife, who really didn't want to fuss with pour-over/presspot/espresso every morning and this thing is perfect for her. It has the simplest design for the basket, it just sits neatly on the pot, and that makes clean up so easy. Coffee never touches the inside of the machine, meaning no gross grimy buildup. Comes with a great vacuum flask carafe that keeps the coffee warm for multiple cups throughout the morning.

It is not programmable. It has only one button on it, but that is the beauty of it, press one button and its off to the races. This thing is fast, heats the water to the correct temperature quickly and gets going!

TL;DR - Bottom line is that it makes good coffee maker coffee, is the easiest to use and clean machine I've seen. Will it make life changing coffee? No, but it does make a good cup, because it doesn't do anything to ruin your coffee like many machines.
Does it have an auto -off feature or do you have to time it and turn it off when you think it’s done ?
No need once it complete brewing it uses all of the water to complete brewing it shuts off. Since it has a thermal carafe it doesn't have a burner.
I purchased this from Amazon about 1 year ago. I payed a lot more for it too. For 60 its a pretty good coffee maker. If you are looking for a premium "pour over style" automatic, THIS IS NOT IT. If you are looking for a nice looking normal brewer, that makes coffee a slight step above a Mr. coffee; Sure, go with this. There are so many design decisions on this thing that are just BAD. The carafe has to be the worst insulated carafe ive ever witnessed. Coffee will be noticeable cooler within 30 minutes so DO NOT store the coffee in here. Even if you prime with hot water before you brew. Its an awful carafe. You must have the lid installed to pour from the carafe. You must run vinegar through more than any other coffee maker ive owned (once a month), or it will shoot out crazy amounts of dry steam. The 30 second off-gassing mode is inconsistent and just ok. I use it, but I need to spin the filter to make sure all of the grounds are soaked. I feel like i'm just making a pour over at this point.

Listen its not the best by far. But for 60 id say it can make good coffee fairly consistently. This was among the first brewers that attempted to simulate a pour over. There are far better ones out there now. This style has improved.
Do you have hard water? It's quite unusual to need to descale that frequently unless your water has issues. The machine isn't really at fault for this, it's the mineral content that causes problems, so you'll want to switch to softened water or make your own water for coffee brewing to resolve any scaling issues.
Which is the best for pour over style coffee? Moccamaster?
does this need a disposable paper filter?
Yes, it takes Melitta 8 - 12 cup Basket Filters. I have them at my local grocer, but you can get 400 of them for $10 on Amazon.
Would have loved to see the 8 cup programmable version as an upgrade in this drop. I'd be 100% sold on that one.
We have the 8 cup and love it. Not sure they make a programmable one.
There is one actually! Found it on Amazon while researching this one, but it's $150, so a bit steep.
We got this coffee maker a month or two ago. I don’t drink coffee but my wife does and loves it. Best home brewed coffee she has ever had in her opinion.
It’s a great coffee maker. Like a pour over with convenience of drip.
In Canada, Amazon is selling it for $171.77 + $4.95 shipping! 😕
For anyone curious, this makes around 25oz.
Massdrop really needs to get this item cheaper than Amazon. Current Amazon price: $66.57 shipped.. which its $68.99 shipped through Massdrop. With a 24 day wait. This is the 3rd time I've seen this item on here, and every time, Amazon is cheaper.
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My comment was from 13 weeks ago. Prices change on Amazon.
Perhaps Amazon‘s algorithm is price matching?