Bonavita 5-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Brewersearch

Bonavita 5-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Brewer

Bonavita 5-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Brewer


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I’ve got the big brother! Makes excellent coffee however the carafe lid is a piece of junk! Constantly leaks and has very restricted flow! Still, good unit decent price!
This is a great coffee maker. That price is insane. I bought mine a few years back for $129 and that was a good deal then. I mostly brew pour overs, v60 and Kalita Wave, but this is my batch brew maker of choice.
I have the 8 cup (1.3 L) version, and it is a very nice coffee maker. I don't miss having a burner, because the stainless carafe keeps it warm without developing the burned taste that you sometimes get from a burner.
I purchased this coffee maker primarily because it’s low profile fits on my counter under the cabinets. The coffee is excellent and by pre-heating the carafe, the coffee stays hot. My only objection, and it’s a major issue, is that the lid does not fit well and the carafe leaks when pouring despite every effort to tighten it. Perhaps a different silicon washer would correct the proble.
massive upgrade to my morning cup of joe! was using a $30 target special with a reusable/washable filter previously for about 5 years. i was reluctant to go back to using paper filters, but ultimately they just do a better job of filtering. improvements for me include:
1. much improved, richer coffee flavor
2. cleaner coffee without any coffee grounds floating in the bottom of my cup
3. more precise temperature control yields a better brew
4. wasnt sure about the stainless carafe, but it does a good job of keeping the coffee hot and i dont have to worry about accidentally bumping into something and having it break/crack. although the lid leaks if not tightened enough
5. consistency - water in, same amount of coffee out. for some strange reason, my old coffee maker did not put out a consistent amount of coffee. if i measured 2 cups in, sometimes i'd get a cup and a half. other times, i'd get 2 cups. probably related to water temp.
6. smaller footprint than my old coffee maker.
Recently received the 8-cup version from an earlier drop (shipped early), and it's making tastier coffee than the Cuisinart I was using based on Consumer Reports reviews.

Though I worried I'd miss the warmer for a glass carafe, the stainless steel carafe is doing a good job of keeping it steaming as long as the lid goes on early. Even when I let a cup of coffee get cold, I usually don't mind drinking it, whereas the cold coffee from my previous machine was awful.

Thumbs up on these machines.
220v or 110v? Also does this have a keep warm function?
It will be 110 and a heating element on a vacuum sealed container won't do anything so no. Bonavita does have a european spec line if you want one .
I almost pulled the trigger on this until I checked around. These are $66 on ebay with free shipping.
Amazon too!
Darn, I haven't received my from the last drop and now it's $10 cheaper!
Hi guys/gals! A question for those who own one of those: can you brew directly into mug?
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Maybe but it'll be a pain. The filter basket is designed to sit on the metal carafe. If you have a mug that is exactly the same height and has the same diameter opening of the carafe then you can set the filter basket on top of the mug.
Yes. You can buy a kalita wave, beehive dripper, or chemex and put it under the shower head and brew directly into it
So it's probably inconsequential to most but anyone know if this thing will brew using a smart switch... e.g. will it start a pot if the power switch is "on" when it gains power? I have a slightly unusual process where a programmable doesn't always make sense so I use a smart switch to start the pot from my bedroom or bathroom (via Alexa) so it's ready by the time I hit the kitchen.
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Thanks for the info, appreciate your response!
If you're going that far, may as well replace the button with something that can be fired directly by the pi or an Arduino, via relay if it carries power, or via logic if it's just a momentary switch. Far more reliable than attempting a rube goldberg contraption to actually actuate the existing button. :)
A fun game to play for Canadians-how countries that need a voltage converter to make this operational can have cheaper shipping.
and what about the european version? Im asking because of the different plug.
Just received mine this week. My carafe isn't welded/sealed between the plastic and stainless, so coffee is leaking out the side. Anyone else have this problem? Seems like something was really messed up on this drop, rushed manufacturing?
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I sent them a support request and they replaced it quickly
Thanks! I'll do that. I hate to go thru returning products, so I figured I would live with it.