Bonavita 8-Cup Carafe Connoisseur Brewer BV1901TSsearch

Bonavita 8-Cup Carafe Connoisseur Brewer BV1901TS

Bonavita 8-Cup Carafe Connoisseur Brewer BV1901TS

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Chiming in as I received this for Xmas in 2017. I like it. We've used other brewers in the past that are too prone to being overfilled and then grounds getting into the mechanics. This is fool proof--if you do over fill the filter you just need to rinse the filter holder and you're back in action.

The carafe has a common defect where the plastic top meets the metal body. It'll start to leak, but Bonivita was very easy to work with and they sent a replacement to use ASAP. The leak is a few drops per pour, so we just used a towel when poring and didn't mind it.
I have this item. It makes good coffee.

My favorite part is that it makes coffee which is something that I like very much.

The coffee it makes tastes better than other coffee makers that I have used.
This is a coffeemaker for coffee snobs. I know because I am one and I own this product. The complaints such as, no
timer -- no hot plate -- carafe doesn't keep coffee hot for hours -- are all true, but if you love coffee, it makes sense:

No timer: You should be grinding your beans right before brewing coffee. Therefore, timer is useless.
No hot plate: Hot plates affect the coffee flavor as it keeps it warm for too long/burns the bottom/heats unevenly.
Carafe doesn't work: Brew enough coffee for a couple cups. Drink those cups. If you like, brew more.

This is not a coffeemaker made for people that buy pre-ground beans. If coffee=Folgers or keurig to you, then you will hate this product. If you believe dark roast is the best, you will hate this product.

I'm not trying to be rude but the poor reviews on this product are from people that simply are not buying the right coffeemaker for their needs. If you don't love coffee and have a ~$100+ grinder at home (or are planning to buy one), you should NOT buy this.
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Right on all counts! (except, perhaps, dark roast....)

I don't consider myself a coffee snob, but I am completely turned off by the taste and smell of coffee that has been sitting on a burner for more than a couple of minutes. This coffee maker is a no-nonsense alternative to all of the more common units with hot plates.

I bought the 1900TS model about 2 years ago for $130. I loved the taste of the coffee it brewed, but found the carafe annoying to clean. About a year ago I replaced the stainless carafe with the double-walled glass one. Since then, I've used it 3x a day, almost every day. I love it.

I see that the glass carafe is not available on Amazon today, but William Sonoma and Sears both carry it. The model is BV61900CAD.
I can confirm from the Amazon Q&A section that there is an air gap for some reason. And it's touted as a feature in the product description, as in "featuring hanging basket." Intiuitively this isn't desirable, and I have yet to find their argument for redesigning it as such. My best guess is that the new easier-to-use carafe requires it, but it seems to me to be stressful in the morning to have to catch it as soon as it's done to take the carafe out in order to put the lid on, plus it does not fit back on the base with the lid on, according to Amazon users. I really wish they'd do another Technivorm Moccamaster drop instead.
Bought this a few weeks ago. Only regret is not scoring the drop price. Only downside for me is the lack of a timer. Can’t be remedied at the plug (smart plug or timer) because it’s a momentary switch. But it makes damn good coffee and it’s fast enough that it fits my morning routine to just start it manually.
Possible to get a 220v version of this?
Shipped to correct name, city, province and postal code BUT without any address - UPS took forever to figure it out, eventually contacted me at home where I gave then the correct address -- then UPS charged twice for the brokerage fees etc... need to figure out the shipping process better......
wasn't this drop supposed to ship 5/23. I received an email from Massdrop saying there was a delay. Now the ship date says June 26th. Can anyone advise?
Is there warranty?
I have the older 8-cup thermal carafe model that takes cone filters. I finally retired it after 4 years because the coffee was uneven, but it still worked and is my backup/overflow coffeemaker. I replaced it with the 8-cup thermal carafe model that takes flat-bottomed filters. Works great too. It is exactly as pictured except the filter holder sits directly atop the carafe and the whole thing slides into the coffeemaker as a unit. It looks like the pictured model suspends the filter holder above the carafe, with a gap in between.

Is an air gap between the filter holder and the carafe a good idea? It seems like the filter holder sitting atop the carafe helps keep heat in.
Does it support 230V ?
Looks like probably not: is the US version, and it's explicitly only 120V:

"TECHNICAL DATARated voltage: AC 120 V, 60 Hz Rated current: 12.5 A Rated power input: 1500 W"

And the 1901TS-CEB/CEV is 240V-only, with plugs for… Europe and Aus, looks like?
I purchased the 5 cup version of this coffee maker. It looks good but that’s it. There is no heated plate under the carafe so the coffee rapidly cools. The carafe will not keep it hot. I pour out more coffee than I get to drink. Plus I get grounds thru the filters regularly. I’ve gone back to my old brewer. This Bonavita brand is crap! A waste of money. My worst Massdrop purchase ever!
I agree. I also hate mine.
I have an earlier version of this coffeemaker that uses a #4 cone filter. We occasionally have issues with the grounds clogging and overflowing the filter. I wonder if they switched to the basket filter to alleviate this issue. Otherwise, it’s a fantastic coffeemaker.
We have an earlier model of this and I can attest that it makes great coffee. Ours heats the water to between 200-205 degrees and runs it through the grounds in 6 minutes. It has provided consistently good coffee for several years now (and I hope for years to come). If it ever dies, I am going to get another, no question.

We do have to grind our coffee a bit coarse (the equivalent of 6-7 at most coffee stores) because, since it runs the water through so quickly, it can have a tendency to spill over the top of the cone if the grounds are too fine. This is easy to compensate for, though, and is part of what yields such good coffee from it because the water doesn't linger in the grounds so it doesn't extract any of the more bitter elements of the coffee.

Hands down, it makes the best filtered coffee I've been able to brew at home short of a much more manual process with a Chemex and careful monitoring of water temperature (and it rivals that).

Highly recommended!
Can the lid of the thermal carafe be secured, like a screw-top? If so, how long does it hold the coffee acceptably warm. I would love to make a pot of this in the morning, screw on the lid and take the whole carafe to work.
It dies have a screw top but doesn't have a lock for the pouring mechanism. I find that the carafe keeps the coffee warm pretty well if you pre-heat it with hot water first. But the vacuum bottle on ours is glass, so I use a separate thermos if I am taking it to work.
Makes great coffee - BUT won't last long if you use even medium hard water (even with de-liming). That's my experience after burning up 3!.
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Try using third wave water. It's specifically designed for this.
I'm a coffee fanatic. I looked into 3rd wave water(TWW), and yes it avoids the TEMPORARY HARDNESS that causes scale, but it completely fails as good coffee water, The alkalinity is far far too low, making the coffee too acidic and over-extracting causing harshness (TWW is has negative alkalinity - it's acidic!). . It has WAY too much sulfate ions - which gives gives a flat dry taste.

TWW is also stupid-expensive for a 1/4 tsp of common household chems.
"For those who are wondering what's in it... Each capsule is a total 1.5 grams. 1.1 grams of magnesium sulfate, .3 grams calcium citrate and .1 grams of sodium chloride"
You can buy all those ingredients from amazon prime for 0.91 cents (less than one penny) per dose vs TWW for ~$1.25 - that's over 100x markup for a little planning & mixing. I wouldn't bother b/c it fails to produce good coffee.

THIS is a much better coffee water IMO (tho too much sulfate and some temporary hardness)..

-- TL;DR --

I've done my own coffee-water experiments, and I can say this much. Alkalinity is the most important flavor factor (one the TWW seriously lacks). I find sulfate ions to be excessive about 160 to 200 uMol, while TWW has 1177 uMol of sulfate! Sodium ions are fine - even to ~2x the SCCA level (~800uMol), but beyond that is gets brackish, Cl (chloride) ions are not good generally and can be left out. (table salt is NOT a good addition).

Mg(magnesium) ions really help extract good aroma/flavor (moreso than Calcium, BUT they also extract any burnt notes (probably no good for Starbuckians) Hardness & TDS are mostly irrelevant except high levels detract with mineral notes. Water pH (within reasonable limits) has absolutely no importance compared to alkalinity. My spreadsheet shows that TWW get the sodium right, and everything else very wrong.