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Bonavita 8-Cup Programmable Coffee Brewer

Bonavita 8-Cup Programmable Coffee Brewer

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Please note this does not appear to be the BV1900TS model that's well rated on most coffee websites but instead the BV1902DW.

This model does NOT carry the SCA Certified Home Brewer (a.k.a. Golden Cup) seal of approval. This being said, I would hazard a guess that is due to the carafe requirements rather than the brewing requirements. The (probably) unmet requirement is as follows:

"Carafe Temperature: The container that receives the coffee must contain a coffee temperature of no less than 176 F and no more than 185 F. Temperature must be maintained during the first 30 minutes of holding time."

Most single-walled glass carafes fail this test because they drop under 176 F within about 20 minutes. You may be now asking yourself "well what about the heating plate?" Plainly put - warming plates are generally terrible at their job. Bottom is kept too hot and the top is too cool. If they stay on for more than about 20-30 mins the coffee will continue to get bitter. At the prices I buy coffee at, I'd rather just let it go cool and use it for iced or mixed drinks.

All this being said - if you're the kind of person that doesn't mind cold coffee; and/or drinks your local coffee shop's cheaper blends (thereby not losing much $$$ if left on the warming plate too long); and/or serves coffee when they host (using it up all at once) this will (very likely) be just as good of a machine for you than the SCAA approved BonaVita models.

If you just drink major market labels like Starbucks, Folgers, Trader Joe's, etc. OR if you drink mostly single orgins I would skip this all together. For major market coffees nearly any reputable brand of coffee machine will extract all the flavors available in those coffees. For single origin I would get a Chemex 8 cup and a BonaVita BV382510V kettle.
The model featured in this drop was just released last month. It is the BV1902DW.
Whoops! Brain fart on the letters. Edited for accuracy.
Does this work from 110 to 220v.

Or only 1 region range?
Yea, new drop but once again, no voltage rating.
I bet it's 110 volts and 2/3 of the world would need to expect 110 volts to be "standard".
Why would you buy this without the thermal carafe?

The older models used a Melitta carafe and filter basket that you could get off Amazon but I'm not sure about the meeting version.
Presentation. I only make coffee in bulk for parties and it's going to get used up in one go anyway - might as well have it out in a nice container. Offices are probably better off with the thermal model though.
That should have said "current version." DYAC!
Instead of purchasing an imitation of a Technivorm why not wait for their drop.....MUCH better coffee maker that makes much better coffee.....worth the price considering its hand made with the best materials. MHO!
I've had both the Bonavita and the Technovorm and they aren't as far apart as you might think. The big difference is that this one is less adjustable. Also in it's favor, my Bonavita has never once overflowed the filter basket. They are both solid choices.
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