Bortoletti Letter Opener & Magnifying Glass Setsearch

Bortoletti Letter Opener & Magnifying Glass Set

Bortoletti Letter Opener & Magnifying Glass Set

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Nice design, great Customer Service from Massdrop, Bortoletti are probably the worst packers/shippers we have had the misfortune to deal with.

We joined two drops from Bortoletti, This one arrived last Friday and the other one (a pen and inkwell) arrived on Saturday. When we opened this up we discovered that the large glass bead on the handle of the letter opener had two large chips out of it. We found two pieces of loose glass in the box. These pieces fill most of the larger chip, but that still leaves a large chip out of the broken glass bead.

The second drop was intact... Except the nib on the pen had one tine bent at 90 degrees to the other. Given how they were packed and the condition of all of the other parts this means that either they deliberately packed it in this condition (unusable) or they bent the tine on the nib as they packed it.

Either way I can safely say that we are not impressed with Bortoletti's shipping department.
Hi IrishEyes,

Please contact our customer service department regarding how these items arrived, we can surely make things right! I have just spoken to the Bortoletti vendor who read your comment and is very concerned about this and what they can do to help.

We contacted customer service at the time and were issued partial refunds, I will contact them again due to your message.

Massdrop customer service was excellent throughout.

Care to give us some measurement? Is thing 3” long or 3’ long? So typical of MD to omit...
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Don't worry, it's only a story...probably.
Soo fancy o_o
I saw them in person, they are such fine pieces. The details are rare to find nowadays... And fairly heavy, too! The real thing :)
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