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Bradford Knives Guardian 4 Fixed Blade Knife

Bradford Knives Guardian 4 Fixed Blade Knife

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This is a reaaaaaally sexy looking knife. However, I've noticed that the Cold Steel Master Hunter in CPM 3V can be had for around $120 and the Lion Steel M4 in M390 can be had for about $155, both of which are cheaper than the respective 3V and M390 versions on this drop, and they seem to be comparable bushcraft knives.

Anyone care to sell me on the Guardian 4? (Note: I want very much to like it. It looks sooooo goooood)
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I ultimately went with the G10 on this one. Looked too gorgeous to my eyes to pass up!

The carbon looked interesting too, I can't say I've ever seen carbon fibre done in that particular pattern. Let me know how it pans out!
Will do!
I've been drooling over a Guardian 3 or 4 for ages over at BladeHQ. This is by far the best deal I've seen to date. Got in on a M390 version in the black nimbus with micarta option. I don't particularly like the colour of the micarta offered, but that's what ritt is for.
I'm so damn tempted by this... If we can somehow unlock it at $160, I might just *have* to get it. And it'd instantly be my best knife, by a ridiculously high margin.
I would love the see the Guardian 6 as well here! How can I setup a poll for this? I‘m not able to find the ‘initiate new poll‘ button...Thanks!
I have one with a kydex BB sheath I'm looking to sell, if you're interested.
The Guardian 4 is a great knife, and this is a great price. I just wish they would offer it with a kydex sheath - I have a hard time buying knowing that I'll just throw away the sheath and have to get a custom one.
Does the m390 also get the "lauded Peters heat treat?" The PHT logo in the pictures is missing on the m390 blade I received.
Mine is also missing the PHT logo? Other than that it's great!
Has anyone recieved their blade? What's opinions on it?
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Overall, very nice!
High point for me is black Nimbus finish with black carbon fibre handle. It's one of the coolest knives I've seen.
Workmanship is very good. It's not easy to make a knife so well. The carbon fibre has no scratchy bits, unlike every other carbon handled knife I've tried. You can feel the care that's gone into it no matter what edge or corner you look at.
The design seems solid, although I haven't had time to use it much. I like that the choil is wide enough to keep your first finger away from the sharp edge. I do find that the handle a bit too hollow under the middle fingers. The ESEE 4 has a swell there which fills the hand better. The 3D scales make up for it a bit though, because they make the handle wider at that point. They make the handle really really round and comfortable. I do think the circular cutout around the lanyard hole looks a slightly clumsy relative to the rest.
Low point for me is the sheath - it's pretty average, although no worse than most other knives, and better than coming with no sheath. If you have ESEE sheaths then you're spoiled.
The carbon fibre handle is not very grippy. I was sort of seduced by it's appearance, and now a part of me regrets giving up the supreme practicality of micarta. But no... it looks so good, I don't look back. The weathered black on black is like some kind of post-apocalyptic dream.
Any negative points are minor, and only relative to the high benchmark set by the rest of the knife. Since I haven't used the knife much yet, it hasn't really passed the most important test of all, but you can rest assured that this knife is has had a lot of good craftsmanship put into it; it's made of good materials; and the shape is so simple and sensible that I don't think it'll go too far wrong when I get to using it.
The black on black has me reaaaally tempted, too. It would absolutely be irresponsible for me to dunk so much with bills due, but damn. It's so beautiful...
I own two of these knives in M390 and they're probably the best fixed blades at the price point. I can't figure out why I would need a third one or I'd be in on this drop.
Big this was the 3 I'd be all over it
And cpm3v yup I'd take 2
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agree 100 percent, except I would go with 390 for the 3 and 4 but 3v for 5. To me 3 and 4 are edc knives
Yeah I also had trouble deciding between the 3 and 4! But I agree that steels like M390 seem especially good for smaller blades.
I have an esee junglas, and I'm really happy it's not made of anything even slightly hard to sharpen!
I don't see how M390 is an upgrade over CPM 3V in a fixed blade. CPM 3V is the go to steel in fixed blades these days.
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m390 is stainless and great for edge retention in cutting, great for bush crafting as well. if you need something for batooning and chopping etc you will want 3v. 3v has more toughness, for those types of tasks. dont batton or chop with m390, tho it will work if you use light force, it could still have issues if you run into a knot in the wood tho, thats why 3v is preferred in those types of tasks.
CPM 3V not stainless, I own his Full Flat grind 3 in M390 Nimbus.
Never went back to a folder.
M390 over CPM 3V anytime.