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Brimfield Block Paper-Piecing Bundle

Brimfield Block Paper-Piecing Bundle

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A Design Bursting With Color

An intricate pattern that’s easy to assemble, the Brimfield Block paper-piecing bundle will help you make a throw-sized quilt. Designed by Kim Martucci and Nisha Bouri, the kit includes the Block pattern, the Block paper-piecing blocks, and four acrylic templates. The pattern has a vintage look that relies on negative space to highlight the bright and busy starbursts. Comprised of 12 blocks, the paper-piecing pack comes with all the pieces to make the 61-by-47-inch quilt. Rounding out the kit, the acrylic templates let you create small-house, fat-house, tall-house, and orange-peel patterns with a ⅜-inch seam allowance on all sides. In addition to the Block bundle, you can also add the Brimfield Center set, which comes with an acrylic star template and 12 paper-piecing blocks, so you can change the center backing fabric or add the Center Block pattern to any quilt design you choose. 

Optional Brimfield Center Kit (+$9.99)


Brimfield Block Paper-Piecing Bundle

  • Designed by Kim Martucci and Nisha Bouri
  • Finished size: 61 x 47 in (154.9 x 119.3 cm)
  • 12 block patterns
  • Templates: Small house, fat house, tall house, orange peel
  • Seam allowance: ⅜ in (1 cm)

Brimfield Center Kit (Optional)

  • Template: Brimfield block template
  • Seam allowance: ⅜ in (1 cm)
  • 12 paper-pieces


Included w/ Brimfield Block Paper-Piecing Bundle

  • Brimfield Block pattern
  • Complete piece pack for all 12 blocks
  • 4 acrylic templates

Included w/ Brimfield Center Kit (Optional)

  • Brimfield Block center template
  • 12 paper pieces


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