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Just got mine yesterda. Fit and quality is amazing as always with BBC.
Here is a great guide to help decide which belt to buy
no size 30 :(
Damn, I just purchased one of these for full price a few weeks ago... and I just got another, this time in brown. (The tan is... very tan.)

One of the best looking belts I've ever seen (for my style, at least). The feathering is amazing.
Avoid purchasing this item. The description on the website indicates that the material is full-grain leather. I received it today and it's actually made of genuine leather (see attached photo). Genuine leather is of poorer quality and the belt will not last as long. I've already contacted Massdrop about a refund.

Edit: Apparently genuine leather is classified differently depending on where it's made! Noted for the future. :)
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I have received top-grain leather products from companies which only sell those products which still say genuine leather on the underside. "Genuine Leather" is necessary as a classification in some areas or for selling purposes if I remember correctly. It's a very common point of alarm for people who don't know otherwise, since genuine leather is ALSO a name for a quality of leather in some cases. It's all a huge pain in the ass. This is why knowing brands is important.
Genuine leather just means that its contains leather. By FTC rules to use the term Genuine leather it must contain at least 80% leather that can be bonded or split. Look for the term full grain for a solid leather belts.
And still no 44? Remember, "diet" is a 4-letter word!
Received mine earlier.. quite disappointed that it came with some minor 'decoration' on it. . Perhaps the QC dude were having a rough night.. I might be crazy.. but am just gonna place an order for another one in black.. hopefully this time it will arrive unscathed..
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Hi mzs7, my address is: The British Belt Co. 164 Turney Rd. Fairfield, CT. 06824 my e-mail is: my mobile is 203-331-2624 Cheers !
While this is a very good price on this type of belt, you have to be aware that it's a "dress" belt and hence the type of finish on it. It's not an oil rubbed finish and not drum dyed most likely. It's closer to an automotive finish. So it's easy to scare or blemish the finish and not at all easy to restore it. You can't just do a spot dyeback the way you can with more durable finishes.
Come on, why is the brown with only a brass buckle?
I agree... Brass has the casual feel to it vs silver...
I'd be in for one if there was brown with silver...
To me black and gold is much more common. I'm a brown / silver guy.
I messed up and ordered a size 32 when i needed a 34. If anyone wants to buy my 32 or has a 34 to trade feel free to pm me on reddit u/engininer14 . My belt has only been worn to try it on. Thanks!
Forgot to mention its the Tan color.
Next drop can they offer size 30 for belts as well.
I don't think the British Belt Co. should be listing another drop when they haven't fulfilled their Massdrop x The British Belt Co Harness Leather Belt from back in July! I have paid and still waiting. I think they are waiting for the cow to die of natural causes.
When do you think I can get my hands on a Black one 32in? Kinda need one
Can someone (from MD or BB Co.) please clarify:
(1) Is the currently offered Langham Belt a single piece of leather, or two pieces of leather? And what type(s) of leather?
(2) Regarding sizing: if I wear a (true) size 32 waist pants, what size Langham Belt should I order so that I use the middle belt hole?
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Hi Anocer, so sorry for any confusion. Yes it is 2 pieces of leather joined (Italian full grain + nubuck top grain). Cheers ! Adam
If I'm a size 28 normally. Should I just get 32?