Brous Blades T5 Fixed Blade Knife (D2 Steel)search

Brous Blades T5 Fixed Blade Knife (D2 Steel)

Brous Blades T5 Fixed Blade Knife (D2 Steel)

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

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Please start offering carbon fiber as handle option.
Hey everyone -- Just to clear up any confusion that might be caused by comments from the previous drop...

The last time these were offered, MSRP was based on the S35VN / Satin finish version but the drop pricing was for the D2 / Acid Stonewash version. We've corrected the MSRP for the latest drop to reflect the correct specs, and also to be in alignment with the steel and blade finish options offered here.

Thanks to members who flagged the discrepancy and everyone for your patience while we corrected that and made it available again.
Are these actually made by Brous Blades? They're not on the Brous website, only the S35vn steel versions are, personally I would take D-2 steel over S35vn
Yes, absolutely - we work directly with Jason and his team. I've had the pleasure of meeting him a number of times at Blade and SHOT shows, it would be unthinkable for me personally to sell knockoffs of these designs that he puts his heart and soul into.

As a company, Massdrop would not ever sell a counterfeit knife, or any other kind of product. If you want to see what happens when I find out that a product's design has been "borrowed," go check out the discussion in the drop for Factor Iconic.

PS - Sorry for the slow reply, I was out of the office when this launched the first time and our team was busy fixing the pricing/MSRP error that you can see other users reported - I hope this puts your mind at ease.
Thank you for responding, and yes that does put my mind at ease, shalom
I have the S35VN version (knifecenter exclusive with the carbon fiber scales, limited run), it's a nice knife. On sale for $249.99 there (with MSRP of $299.99). Comes with a good sheath, my only gripe is that the handle is a bit on the thinner side but still comfortable to hold. Fairly light for it's size. Brous works with D2 alot, the quality is very good. I think $180 is a fair price for what you get.
Admin needs to fix the price list for MSRP...$249 instead of $159.
Also, the $249 MSRP version, is made in S35VN not D2 steel.
Yeah I would take S35 over D2. Elmax would be sweeter.
So MD is asking MORE than MSRP? $180 vs. $160?
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