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BRS E-Volve Minuteman Titanium Folding Knife

BRS E-Volve Minuteman Titanium Folding Knife

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I found this knife listed as Blade Length 3.25" everywhere else except MassDrop, where it says 3.5"

Someone may want to correct this...
Loosey indicated that 3.5" is correct. Don't know for sure, but got the impression he's answering from the company based on some post history?
Tagging him here so maybe he can clarify :)
So close to buying this but that clip is nowhere near deep enough :(
Hopefully they pick up the next BladeRunner e-volve model. I want to like this one but i dont like coatings, but most the new ones teased at blade show were beautiful
I'm with you. I like everything about this knife except the black stone wash.
So are we to understand that this knife has no warranty since its not listed under included?
No, it in fact has a full warranty.
Where does it say that? Massdrop has been very bad at covering things I buy, always pointing at the fact that if it doesnt list warranty under specs, it doesnt have one.
It has a lock bar insert?
Yes it does.
Same price as BladeHQ. Why would I wait? Drops need to be drops in prices (you too Spyderco).
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Thank you, sir. May want to update that with BladeHQ ūüĎć
I agree with you Kavik. The response and trinkets don't hold up to your logic.
If only it came in a flipper version.
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The Kizer Theta is a similar knife that does have a flipper. FWIW, I handled both knives at Blade Show, and I preferred the action on the Minuteman more. I didn't verify it but the Theta could have been a pre-production model, which would explain the action.

The Theta hasn't been released yet, but I imagine it'll be in the same price range:
I hope you're right about the price, but considering it's an Isham design, I'd bet it will be +$225 (although that might still fit the definition of "same price range" for a knife, I suppose). On the other hand, it's part of something called the "simple series"--I shall refrain from tasteless jokes--so maybe it will be sub-$200.
I love the design but wish it was not in black wash. I know they have other variations in the works.

I love bladerunners knives, carried an alpha beast for years, and I'm also a wharncliffe nut. But this does absolutely nothing for me, and when you consider all the ti s35vn framelocks that have been going at the 125 mark, seems very overpriced for its materials
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Exactly the knife I was thinking of while writing this. I paid 140 for my saber milled Crux, gave 115 for my brand new in box bestech goblin. On both of those the fit and finish literally could not be better, and those knives were making profit at that price point, so it just feels like my favorite company trying to gouge about 70 bucks more than the knifes worth, which feels bad and makes me wanna not buy from them again.
I got the saber too. In bronze. I totally get your sentiment and think the same thing.
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