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Brunton ECHO Zoom Monocular

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Just picked one of these up from Amazon for $13.31 with Prime shipping!
Thats for the blue others are more expensive
Who cares about the color tho?
I have one of these, and I like it -I would recommend for backpacking or some other lightweight, basic use where you aren't expecting amazing magnification.

I bought mine for backpacking trips - where I wanted a little magnification but didn't want to carry much weight. I think it served pretty well for those purposes. However, I should note that it is water-resistant, but not water-proof. I still have mine, but the optics have never been quite the same since I took a swim in the Yellowstone river, and forgot that I had it in my pocket. Since, I picked up another monocular with a little more magnification, but my new one weighs just a little more as well.
$13 on Amazon with fast ftee shipping... get it together MD.
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if you want blue yeah
other 2 colors are 19-23 and only if you have prime membership...without amazon prime you pay shipping
There are people without Prime...?! Say it ain’t so lol.

I have one. Can not recommend it.
Low quality for relatively high (compared to other made in China monoculars) price.
I had initially joined this drop but cancelled due to the poor revies and incorrect info in the listing. Thanks to the community for the help.
19$ Amazon prime
That has NO prime.
What is it? 10–30x magnification? or 7x?
7x - The drop has been updated thanks Thavo FireMike atomleef
I have one of these. It goes into the “It’s better than having nothing” category.

Optics aren’t great. Decent at the center, starting to blur at the edges. Field of view is very small.

It is better than having nothing, but that’s faint praise.

I’d describe the one I have as being one step above cheap junk. The best I can say about it is that it’s very light and unobtrusive, and it can be purchased relatively inexpensively.

I also have monoculars from Alpen and Vortex. While they are both bulkier and more expensive, I wouldn’t recommend anything less than these to anyone who desires good optical performance in a monocular.

Thank you for your review I always like when someone with experience gives an alternate product when they say something sold here is sub-par. I will be looking into the two monoculars you suggested!
No problem. When you’re checking out the Alpen monoculars, the one I have has sort of a boxy, blocky body with finger indents along one edge.

I tried to look it up on Amazon and didn’t see it.

It looks like the ones they currently have are round cylindrical models that are much less expensive, and don’t seem to garner a lot of good reviews. I don’t have experience with these particular ones, myself.

So look for the one with the boxy body with flat sides and finger indentations. That one is pretty good.
DO NOT BUY for two reasons: 1) This description is for another item--the Echo mono does not zoom and it does not have an eyecup--and 2) the Echo mono itself is a very cheap product. Brunton has made (or labeled) some very good, mid-range binoculars so I purchased three Echos a few years ago through a heavily discounted sale, thinking they were a decent bargain. Two of the three did not fully focus, and the third provided center resolution only in sunlight when looking at lit objects, with significant blurring toward the edges. Try to ID something in shadows, forget about it. It claims 7x but, compared to actual 7x binos I own, the Echo mono offers 5.5x–6x at best. Its housing is also a rubbery plastic that got very tacky and picked every piece of lint it came into contact with. Not worth its very small size and light weight. As for price... see other comments.
If price is no object, I believe the very best pocketable monocular is the Nikon HG 7x15 monocular--can be found for ~$170 if you're OK with 3wk shipping from Japan . Fully coated lens but no WP or FP, which enables it to be as compact as the Brunton Echo with, again, the very best optical performance. Nikon HG size is 2.7" x1" x1" and 2.4 oz, specs include 32" close focus, decent field of view 345'/1000y, and genuine 7x mag. I agree with the Amazon reviewer who finds the 7x15 surprisingly bright and clear, and better overall than the 5x15 model. Price isn't bad when considering that its only real competitors for optical quality are the the Leica and Zeiss 8x20 monos, both bigger than the Nikon.