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Looks like I got a bad copy. Either that or these monoculars have some of the worst optics I have seen.

Living in Europe was the reasoning for using Massdrop (great shipping and prices occasionally for us Euros), but it is also the trouble with my purchase. I don't believe I'll be bothering to send this back, instead it will be relegated to my car glovebox rather than my Exos' hip belt pocket...
Shame on me for NOT doing my homework! Paid $39.14 almost 45 days ago and still have not received these Brunton Monoculars which could have been had on Amazon in less than four days at better than $10 bucs cheaper. Throw in the fact that a return or refund would be like breaking a brain aneurysm on Massdrop compared to an easy as pie Amazon return. I screwed up again with Massdrop!!!
My last purchase here for sure!!!
These are like 20 bucks on Amazon...
Made in what country ?
Anybody know ?
$28 prime.
product cant be shipped to india by amazon.......and massdrop is.
The brand has been around for around 40 years. The product itself has had some qc issues so its a crap shoot if you get a good one or not
Do you have any references for the qc issues? I can follow up with Brunton about this for clarification of how they have addressed past concerns. Thanks.
Search for reviews online
Looks exactly like what i was looking for... very light compact monocular.
anyone know the brand or this specific one? never heard of them and wondering how are they (:
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