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Bulldogge & Co. Standard American Book

Bulldogge & Co. Standard American Book

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Just received mine in black. I've been searching for a refillable leather book cover for taking notes for work and I am quite pleased I decided to land on the Standard American - it is one handsome, unique looking product.

The quality is there too - it feels sturdy. The leather is a bit tough but should relax with age.

My only complaint is that writing on the reverse side of each sheet is going to be a bit cumbersome - the way the tear bar allows sheets to fold makes it awkward. As you get deeper into the sheets of paper the situation I think should improve, but I don't think this was designed for hard core note taking in mind - I may even skip taking notes on the reverse side of each page.

For me the aesthetics + quality far make up for the small usability issue.
Would be nice to get pictures of what the book inserts look like. The drop shows an image of one insert type but doesn't mention which it is (I'm guessing denim?).

Would like to see what the waxed canvas and linen inserts look like.
I was wondering the same, so I dug around.
You can get a sense of what the linen one might look like from their square book drop
And if you only only curious about how the materials compare to one another, their pen roll drop shows all three fabric options
This is awesome and I'd love one in Navy. Why is that never an option? It's like the fifth or sixth leather pad folio that's popped up and none of them have had a navy blue color way. I'd join immediately!
Midori makes their traveler journal in dark blue occasionally. I got one from Japan via Ebay... then they re-released them a few months after that...
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