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Burson Audio V5i Opamps

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Used this in my backup amp Topping D10
Liking it so far. Better dynamic range than the default op-amp
Poor shipping choice
The shipping method used really, really sucks. Why not just give it to someone and have them walk it here. Could you get any slower a service. You couldn't just use first class mail, which is cheap, and get it here in a few days rather than over 10 days?
already have this in 2x asus xonar hdav 1.3 sound cards driving various wharfedale speakers for the home theatre and a bedroom stereo setup dual opa627 are better than the default opamps in the xonars, and these are even better again i don't regret paying twice as much as this bargain buy for the experience, but i wish i'd seen this before it closed - my cmoy headphone amp would love one - it got the dual opa627 from the initial shuffle :) here's my mod : https://www.head-fi.org/threads/the-xonar-essence-stx-q-a-tweaking-impressions-thread.421890/page-354#post_12644745


I used 2 singles for my diy Butte amp to replace opa552s and they are not bad. I will say that I think they are messing with the highs a bit though as my dt1990s are now fatigueing on it :(. The thing they tout at the website is increased soundstage and it appears that's accurate, very pleasing to listen to my 58x and my lcd2c on it.
I just missed this drop I hope they will do this drop again. Opamp + shipping cost on Burson is pretty high when compared to the Massdrop.
I ordered a single to use in a diy audio Whammy amp build.Went to Burson's website to find out more on these and looking at the pictures that they provide it appears that they use 8 pin surface mount omp amps with a few additional surface mount parts ( force the opamp into class A mode better decoupling on the supply rails) surrounding them so this could just be a off the shelf opamp that they massage to better its performance
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I would only be guessing here not having a schematic of this circuit .But if they do use a output coupling cap then as you are already probably aware that said cap will add some kind of sonic signature to the mix.I will be comparing these to OPA627 in metal cans built up on a Brown Dog header to these in a Whammy Headphone Amp . I would like to add that what they very likely are doing is adding bypass caps to the supply rails and maybe forcing the OpAmps to run class A using a resistor in other words they are optimizing the performance of the Opamps. Hope I've been of some help
I think your guess is a good one. My question was more of a philosophical one and stems from the fact that one of the amps I was considering playing with these in already has the same tricks played on the integrated opamps it uses. I'm flow of consciousness typing again in other words... Sorry for being confusing...
Now that we've seen the V5i and the V6 within another amp, is the V6 coming as a standalone drop at some point? I'm holding out on buying a V6 Classic just because Burson stuff is still showing up here.
Can I use this with the NuForce uDAC-3 DAC/Amp Combo?
I have a music hall 25.3 DAC. it has two opa2134 and one 2604. do any or all need to be matched pairs when replacing?
Can you upgrade a D30 DAC? Noob at upgrading, debating getting one for the Topping A30 since I've seen some great reviews on it. Which one would I get for the D30 and A30?
I have a TEAC UD-H01. Would these be an upgrade for the pair of MUSES8920 that are built into that DAC/Amp? Or are they more of a sidegrade?
Im planning to get this to upgrade two DAC-X6. Should i choose the V5i-Dual matched paired (2 units) ?
Has anyone replaced the standard LME49860 with a v5i in a Deckard? Is it worth it?
The V5i-Dual direct-swaps for the LME49860. This means this is a direct-swap replacement for the OpAmps in the Matrix HPA-3B that some might have purchased on this site!
Yup. These are totally going into my next diy. Matched pairs make for some dead sexy balanced builds. Wonder how these'd sound in a pair of CK²III or M³.
I have done a build on the  AMB CK²III.The OPamp used in that part of the circuit is to prevent DC from getting to the output RCA's it is not directly in the signal path hence it will play little to no effect on the sound output.
Doh. This is what I get for posting without fully paying attention to the schematic. You are rather correct about the CK²III, it would be a waste of money to use the V5i on it. ^^; I'm in the final stages of building a balanced M³ using OPA604, just waiting on the front panel for the chassis to arrive. THAT circuit does most of its flavor from the OpAmps. I'll have to see how it sounds when the V5i's arrive. It should be insanely easy to do a basic side by side running one half of the amp (one board) with the Ti opamps, and the other with the Bursons.
I was sceptical, as many folks seem to be on this thread. I can say without any reservation that this upgrade to the Topping a30 makes a noticeable improvement to the performance of an already good amp. Took 5-10 minutes. I paid full price. This is a bargain at $25. At this price I’m considering buying one for my FX Audio dac X6. Here’s my post about upgrading my a30. https://www.massdrop.com/talk/12639/topping-a-30-burson-audio-v-5-i-opamp-upgrade-i-was-pretty-impressed-by-the-topping-a-30-d-30-combo-?utm_source=linkshare&referer=4449F5
Ermm, this thing on Jds labs Atom? Would it make any better?
Nope, it would be downgrade, the atom exceeds this opamps capabilities on the signal end
Thank you for your reply :)
Has anyone replaced these over the NE5532? If so, what is the difference in performance - clarity and fidelity-wise? I'm asking to know if the upgrade to the NE5532 buffers in my TPA6120A2 based headphone amplifier will be worth it. Thanks in advance.
I haven't tried this chip yet. But I replaced the NE5532 to OPA2604AP for my LITTLE BEAR B4 portable amplifier last week. Many people said that OPA2604AP could be a pretty decent option to upgrade NE5532. But after my AB testing, I didn't feel too mush notable sounding difference between these two chips, maybe my ear is not sensitive enough. But I think the determining factor to influence the sound should be the design of amplifier . Replacing the opamp may change the sound, but not too much. 


Live virtually within walking distance of their physical address yet order their opamp from the other side of the world for nearly 30 bucks less #winning
Do these improve the sound of a Topping A30?
Massively. I upgraded my a30 with these and it went from being a good amp to being an amazing amp for the price. I posted about it on my profile. Highly recommended.
Does anyone know if these will work with the musical fidelity v90 bha balanced headphone amplifier? I've been looking for ages and can't seem to find anything,
Check which ones are installed in your unit, and then find if that model is listed in the description for these ones
Hi, yeah I'm planning to have a look in the morning, (4.15am here) I just thought I'd ask the question and see if anybody already knew, cheers
If I wish to mod mine xduoo xd-5 with unit I should buy? Base price, +15 or + 20? Sorry for the lame question.
You only need the base dual model.
Can a burson 160D be updated with this? Cannot find info on internet
I have this one on a Little Dot i+ and it makes a pretty noticeable change, now i'm eager to test the higher end ones.
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Thanks! Just ordered one :)
I'm glad to be helpful, hope you enjoy tinkering with it.
Without a precision scope to measure the difference in improvement (if there is any), any gains heard by ear is expectational bias.
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Since when is listening to music an objective experience ?
since when is objective measurement why i would listen to music ? but i know what i like, and it's why i choose to taste chocolate over brussel sprouts, even though the latter is technically healthier
Will this upgrade my ASUS Xonar essence sound card? Anyone try it?
I'd assume, yes. The single version. You'd need 2 of them I think.
I will second/third the comments on the Xduoo XD-05 - it was a night and day change, it made a decent DAC a fantastic one with great dynamic range and resolution, with nice warmth. It's one of my favorite pieces of kit.
One of these would make for a nice upgrade on a Parasound Zphono
This is a no-brainer at this price. Transformed my XDuoo 05.