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Burson Fun Headphone Amplifier

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Hi all, I learnt that Burson just launched a special offer for "Fun" and "Bang". Both of them start with price $199!!
Maybe I missed it? But the Fun is $299 now.
It was only for 2 days. Also only the version with the base op amps.
hmm not much on reviews, how about this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6U5Kn5JgUs
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wow, thank you for the advice. I had a feeling the Fun can be turned into something better than the Vivid/Classic options. and.... YES.... the Argons, I will give the Sparkos a try.
Still don’t rule out completely the vivids or the classics. They are very capable opamps as well. Even without the Sparkos the fun’s performance is just very, very good. The preamp to speakers for me is not just convenient but very well implemented. I wish it had a remote but nothing is perfect. But I am thinking to pair it with a Dac with wireless capability in the future. I was a little worried, with so much power how precise the volume control will be. No worries now, it’s rock solid and very precise analog Alps Japanese potentiometer inside and very smooth volume knob on the outside. Add to that the 5 years Burson warranty (not sure about the Massdrop warranty though. I purchased my amp from official distributor as open box with full warranty).
6 ohm output impedance seems a little high? think it will cause any issues with t50rp derivatives?
Not with (most) planars. Their impedance/phase is going to be dead flat as they should be. You're fine with any flavor of T50/60. Mk3 for example:

What a lack of enthusiasm for this drop, is everyone holding out for the THX 789?
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maybe the Fun is worth it because of the class A and then later the opamps can be changed for “fun”.
Yeah it sells out pretty quick. I've missed two listings so far. :/ I might just have to settle for something else. Also the amount I was referring to was the THX. I know nothing about this amp nor do I plan on buying it, lol.
I have two of the Fun amps (different systems). They are in a rotation with various other amps. The Fun is clear, clean, articulate and extended. With some of the better treble (op-amp dependent) at anywhere near the price. Much better lateral spread and instrument separation than many amps. I hate the globs stuck between the ears, with the occasional instrument floater above the forehead. I should also mention that I listen to actual music. Acoustic, simply mic'd in real space, or the orchestra in a hall. Recommended.
Headfonics review of the Fun (and Bang which is rather good also) https://headfonics.com/2018/12/burson-fun-bang-review/

I wonder how well with HD800? I would imagine this can work 110-220v? they make a model with a DAC?
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No clue, but having a headphone at that level, you might as well go all out to get the best audio you can out of the headphone. If shit goes in, shit goes out. I'd for sure wait for some more reviews on the product unless you're willing to (possibly) waste $240. Also, yes, they have amp/DAC combos on their website: https://www.bursonaudio.com/products/
Thanks for that. I ordered directly and their customer service so far has been good. Had an issue with payment and all smoothed out now. Play is on its way from HK. Hope to update when it arrives. May use it was a preamp for my musical fidelity monoblocks. Let's see just how good it is.
I have the conductor v2+ at home and love it. I’ve been wanting something for the office and this is tempting but would rather have the Burson play or (better yet playmate) with Sabre DAC/headphone combo
This is a great deal. I have a Fun and love it! The amp section is really quite something - plus the tuning possibilities with the OPAMPs is FUN too. For the price - a mighty amp! Toetapping goodness. I use it with my TH900, HD6XX and even with some IEMs and just love the sound. Very engaging.
It does look interesting. I have never heard of it before today, which surprises me since it's a reputable brand. I'm wondering, however, what is the 4 pin molex connector on the back for? Is it for powering it? I didn't see any mention of it in the description. Is this an amp you can mount in a 5.25 inch drive bay in a computer? If so, that's an interesting design choice.
Yes indeed - this is to actually power it from your PC power supply when putting it into a 5.25" slot. Don't ask me why though :-)