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ByAnnie's Zipper Sets

ByAnnie's Zipper Sets

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Colorful Zipping

Ideal for handbags, purses, and laptop cases, ByAnnie’s Zipper Sets are built to be easily installed and are longer for additional convenience. The normally hard-to-find size is now available in four colorways—containing 12 vibrant zippers each—that are suitable for a variety of projects. The wider zipper tape can be inserted and sewn without a lot of hassle. The teeth of the zippers are softer than most store’s polyester options, so needles won’t break on them. Finally, the pull is longer so they’ll open smoothly and won’t snag.

Note: At checkout, you will have your choice of the following colorways: Brights, Darks, Lights, and Neutrals.

ByAnnie's Zipper Sets




  • ByAnnie
  • Length: 24 in (60.9 cm)
  • Included
  • Twelve 24-inch zippers
ByAnnie's Zipper Sets


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