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someone want to do me a favor and tell me if this is a cheapo version of an SM7B (pretty sure it's not at all)? Cause I really don't want to spend the money on an SM7B.
You still need an audio interface for that SM7B (that's another money need to spend)
Shipping cost $26 .. sigh...
Let me get this straight. I can get the CVL-2008 here for $99 plus shipping or get it for $99 on Amazon with free shipping?
This mic compatible with a shock mount boom arm combo?
Would this mic be good for ASMR?
I've listened to ASMR when it was beginning, and microphones back then were not great, but it work well. This will not give you the quality you get on 400+$ microphones, but it will still be of very reasonable quality.

I'd say if you're looking for and inexpensive way to give it a go, this could be a good option for you.
Thank you for your insight, much appreciated!
If anyone would like to know, both mics are on sale on amazon as well. However the price for the cheaper mic CVL-2004 is $83 more expensive than here. The CVL-2008 mic is about the same price which just only about $10 off (Note that the price I'm judging by does not include shipping). Though after shipping the price for mic would be close enough if you were to add shipping to the cost. So in my opinion your not getting that much of a deal for the more expensive mic, but for the cheaper one it might be a better deal depending on your choice and application.
Great mic for song covers or even gaming. highly reccomend
Just to expand people's decision-making, here's Monoprice's "Large Diaphragm Condenser USB Microphone" for around $80. Heard it's a great mic for the price:
Will this mic work with a PlayStation 4?
yeah, usb audio devieces work well on PS4

you can even use a headset and not be dependent on TV speakers if you so desired
same exact mic is the same price on amazon... gotta do better MD.
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Well if the lowest level is unlocked 60+30 is 90 which is still 10 bucks lower. Did the price get cut on massdrop?
Well you would still have to pay for shipping though, which makes it just shy of $100.
Any updates on drop release?
Is this a Blue yeti rip-off?
Yes of course, because blue yeti invented the microphone.
this is good mic