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CableLinx Elite Premium Braided Cables

CableLinx Elite Premium Braided Cables

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

Elite. Premium. Braided. I guess you forgot "tactical" somewhere here.
And the cable quality looks exactly like typical one-dollar cables. 22-24AWG is not a best choice. I'd go for at least 20AWG for new power-hungry devices.
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Here's UGREEN cables that look like yours and the price ranges from $2 to $4. And they have very good quality - I can tell that as I own 5+ different cables made by them.

Nice looking cable, but there are a lot of cables that look like each other. Does not look like it comes with a warranty either. CableLinx Elite feature a 1 year limited warranty for defects... And if there are any problems, we have a customer support staff located here in the U.S. to answer any questions or concerns.
Any information available on the wire gauge and shielding?
Micro: 24ga Lightning: 22ga Type-C to Type-A: 24ga Type-C to Typce-C: 22ga
All CableLinx Elite USB cables are shielded with Aluminum Foil.
Nice! That is pretty decent for the price, thanks for updating
Has anyone tried theese with a newr One+ phone (5t, 6)? Will they work properly with dash charging?
3.0A is the max current these cables will allow to pass through, which will still allow fast charging, just slightly slower.
Does the USB-C to USB-C cable have 56k resistor? Also, is this USB 3.1 or older version?
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The Type-C to Type-C does not have a resistor.
anyone have any experience with these? How do these compare to the amazon brands? TIA
I have one of these cables and I love it! Very durable - comparing it to amazon, I actually like the look of these better with the metallic end!
Will the USB-C to USB-C charge a MacBook pro? (How many watts is this capable of running through it?) I know some are only 45W, some are 65W and some go up to 100W please let me know. :)
The USB-C to USB-C will allow up to 27W to pass through.
Are these flexible or rigid?
The CableLinx Elite cables are a flexible threaded cable with slight rigidity to them. I know that's probably not the answer you're looking for, so I attached images below hopefully explaining this better.

2$ extra for a normal USB A to lightning connector?
Hello Russ, thanks for reaching out! That is correct, the CableLinx Lightning MFi cables (and USB-C to USB-C Cables) are an additonal $2.00 compared to the Micro to USB-A and USB-C to USB-A cables.
Yep, Apple makes everyone pay a fee for cables to be tested and certified by them. The increase in price is due to those fees.