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CAD E100S Condenser Microphone Supercardioid

CAD E100S Condenser Microphone Supercardioid

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Once upon a time I was a serious live recordist. I owned four Pearl (now Milab) variable-pattern condenser mics. I made all kind of orchestral and choral recordings with them. And they cost all of $250 each. At $650 MSRP, you'd expect these to be variable-pattern.
You've been out of it for a while, huh? I just looked at the only listed Milab dealer in the USA. The least costly Milab large diaphragm condenser microphones are the cardioid pattern only DC-96B or C for $1259. The two multi-pattern mics are the DC-196 for $1489 and the VIP-50 for $2249. I'd say a microphone with the reputation of the CAD E100S for $299 is a steal!
Yup, it's been a while. Of course, it's been over 40 years since I bought the TC-4Vs. And they weren't selling very well, whic is why (I think) the importer was willing to give me four for $1000.
Nevertheless, they really ought to be variable-pattern. Once you've used variable-pattern mics for live recording, you'll never go back fo fixed-pattern.
So much want to pick this up, but am totally turned off by the number of QC problems being reported. You just shouldn’t feel like you’re playing the lottery with a $300 item.
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I know, right? Even at $299 it's a big purchase for us, and I'd just like to be more confident. I've even read/watched videos of people relaying support messages they received from CAD which were not encouraging. It's a great looking mic at a solid price point for so many people. They could dominate at that level with a little effort, especially given the number of YouTubers who review it. Still, I'm tempted. We'll see.
Good Luck!
Had to do a few adjusts to my Peavey PV 14 USB mixer, but now the mic sounds flawless. No noise at all, that I can pick up, even playing back the vocals at a loud volume. So glad. I was worried at first that a lot of noise was coming in, but just had to make some Windows USB and mic setup setting adjustments, and play with the gain and pre settings on the mixer. Adjust some things first and you may get rid of any issues. I may also be picking up the Audient iD4 audio interface for travel. Does anyone have one yet?
Update. Have spent hours adjusting on my work Windows 7 laptop. Cannot get it to be quiet on this one. Doubt the mic is at fault (in 24 hours). Probably my mixer and Win 7 just can't get along. I've done all of the mic config and recording adjustments recommended by Peavey. May have to use my personal rig or old mbp. BTW those settings worked great on the Win 10 diy desktop machine.
Noise floor is AMAZINGLY low on my mic -- arrived a day or so ago. In a fairly acoustically treated space, with the gain cranked 2/3 of the way up, this thing is still dead silent. Hope everyone's experience is similar.
Oh, and: it's warm, neutral, and does wonders for my voice.
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Ha! I just this minute received a "Blue" Universal Pop Filter. ($44 on Amazon) It's big, wide and metal so I expect it to be a good solution. It's only a problem when you're 6-8" off the mic, which is probably too close anyway. Another dead-simple but unattractive solution is to put a pencil in front of the mic and use a rubber band to hold it on. Not pretty - but it works. Try that first!
Just got mine in the mail before leaving for work. The front of the mic also seems to have some scuffing on the unit as others have reported. Honestly as long as it has its advertised low noise floor and sounds great I'll be happy. Testing it later tonight.
My E100S arrived today, I hooked it up, and the first thing i noticed was a loud 60HZ humm when i touch the pad switch. anyone else get this?
I get no 60hz hum unless my hand is near or actually touching the switch.
I cant put it into a quiet room at the moment to test the noise floor... soon i hope.
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Massdrop took care of me ... my mic has been returned.
Not sure I'll ever again venture into the world of CAD but Massdrop has retained my future business.
Again, another missed opportunity by CAD. You would think they would monitor something as public as massdrop and make it right for you. Now wouldn't that ahve been a good public relations move.
W00t, I just got the notice last night that its been shipped, beat the ship date by a week!
I took the chance, but had called their sales line first. The man I spoke to, claimed it was just uninformed Massdrop people who bought it, then saw a complaint video, and jumped on a slam-wagon. He claimed they didn't have the right equipment, cables, or environment, and that that caused noise. He then directed me to watch Booth Junkie's comparison to the Neumann, and see how quiet Mike thought it was. I said yes, he did, but that was after Mike sent it back two times to get it fixed. No explanation about quality issues, how many were impacted, or steps that fixed it. He just ended with buy it if you feel comfortable doing so, don't if you don't.
Sad that we have to "take a chance" or even feel that way. What a total miss by CAD they could turn this into a public reations WIN if they handled it right.
Funny cad sales mentioned booth junkies, as you pointd out, Mike from booth junkies had some go arounds with CAD on his original E100S, before they finaly did repair/replace it. There was another reviewer, Kadence got his from massdrop, it had noise, coulnt get cad to fix / replace it, and told him to return it to the seller, so he ended up returning it to massdrop for a refund. Ive seen some other reports of the issues reported by people who would know a bad cable / equipment from a bad mic. I'm not going to say its common, but common enough people are reporting this one particular issue.
Giving people a hard time over an issue or even a percieved issue is also extreemly bad customer service and PR. I've yet to read were cad has just taken care of the problem withouth somone needing to push cad to do it. But like most things, only the bad stuff gets reported, seldom the good stuff. So i am taking those experiences with a grain of salt.
I dont understand some companies though, it is VERY bad PR also for sales people / CAD to not own this problem, and fix it and say its fixed. blaming it on cables, or inexperienced operators does nothing good for their credability. I'm not saying that some of the reports are not as they discribe. but we know of enough reports from people who know what there doing, that they shouln't be trying to make anyone belive it has not been an issue.
They could easily gain a lot of credability by just getting out in front of this and saying if anyone has this issue we will exchange the mic no quesitons asked. if corse it would make a lot of sense for them to insure that the repalcement mic was as quiet as it is supposed to be. Id bet that would boost ther sales as it would give people a confedence level. And frankly i doubt they would get that many sent in. and sonone who did could say what a good expereince they ahd with CAD.
Here is the thing, we know there an excellent mic hand built, in the usa. I can accept a certan % chance of an issue, and i think most who have particiapted in the drop are aware of the possibility. All i think any of us would expect is that if you happen to get one with a problem that CAD just take care of it. Sure we love to see a 0% issue rate with any product, but the next best thing is great customer service.
My benchmark for self noise is my rode NT1A, which is pretty darn quiet though the CAD is supposed to be quieter. If it is noiser then my Rode, they will certianly be hearing form me and if it is quieter, i'l certanly say so here.
I was reading some people needed an adapter to mount this to their boom arms, has anyone had to do this with theirs? anyone have a link the the thread-size or the adapter?
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Not sure, I ordered an adapter next day from amazon that arrives today, the mic does as well. Going to hook it up and hope everything works fine with my current mic arm. This is my first XLR microphone.
Seems like this silliest thing to cheap out on. you can buy a cheap Chinese mic and it comes with one. What did they save ... maybe 2 bucks if they bought them in quantity O.o
I an exited to receive it. I only hope they have tightened up ther quality control. Time will tell.
Awesome. My first drop and it saved me well over $100 on this mic I've been coveting for months. Thanks EVERYONE!
Anyone know - is there a recorder similar to the Zoom H5 but cheaper? Pricey first set-up.
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The Zoom's interface for recording is a little easier to use, can record at a partly higher frequency (96k vs 48k) than the Saramonic, on some versions you can plug more than one mic in / connect it to a computer via USB, on some versions you have access to built-in effects, and you can always use the Zoom's built in mic in a pinch if traveling without one. The Zoom H4N ($189 at AMZN), for instance, is going to cost more because of these added features. This CAD mic we're all excited about will need 48V to work properly (and it, interestingly, includes batteries in case a preamp isn't available), so either recording device (Zoom or Saramon) will work well to keep that mic doing what it needs to be doing. Zoom allows you to set the preamp/gain; the Saramon also lets you set the preamp/gain. No real difference there -- other than the preamp is super clean on both. If you have the money available, I would recommend the Zoom H4N (not the pro version) as a great starter recording device. However, the Saramonic will work just fine for you needs, I suspect, as well.
For anyone reading this, I think this review is very helpful (although it's not in the title, it hits the H5, too).
I want this so bad. And I fought to have this mass drop again. Now I can't get it!!
Why not?
Let's do this -- now at $299, y'all.
Received my CAD E100s, and I must say that I am quite pleased with it. There is what appears to be a little bit of scuffing on lower portion of the mic, but besides that I really haven't had any issues with it. Hopefully CAD has gotten a better handle on this self-noise issue so many were reporting. I did a short video showcasing the mic and how it sounds as another reference point for those who are on the fence about whether or not to purchase this particular microphone.
Just got mine it was packaged ok not bad but not great they used the air bags. The wood case it came in was in great shape but when I opened it around the Cad logo that rubber or what ever it is was scuffed a bit. So down to the mic test well as of right now the mic sounds good no noise but I did some test with it vs my AKG c214 I had to add a lot more eq to the Cad to get the same sound I was getting with the akg with lot less eq this in no way makes the mic bad it just has its place I will be doing more test as I use the Cad e100s for all my upcoming videos to see how it holds up.
Just received this. Not as much of a deal once you convert to Canadian dollars, pay shipping and additional $60.59 in customs fees!!!! Ughhhhh. Hope it's all worth it in the end after everything it cost me $526.34 Canadian!!
Is this any good for guitar?
Would like to know as well!
I heard from several sources that this is an excellent mic for instruments and can tak a LOT of volume...... high SPL
Question: Massdrop says this order will be shipped in july 11- does anyone know if they send out an email confirming that an item has shipped?
Yes, you'll get an email when it ships or if the shipping date changes.
I mean really, after what had happened with DelGaudio and his three related video's none of these next massdrop e100s's should have even a hint of this issue, the company is fully well aware of the noise issue, what caused it and HOW to FIX IT.
how are we on this e100s "noise" issue, how common is this issue? - I'm tellin you, if mine has this noise issue it is going right back with a tremendously long story of woe.......
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did you ever get the issue resolved?
Yes and no. I contacted CAD who told me to send it back to the seller, i.e. Massdrop. So I got my money back, bought a different microphone and never looked back. If you're interested in my further criticisms, I made a video detailing the whole thing:
So glad I got my mitts on one :)
Do I have this right....... The drop ends tomorrow, 6-19-2017, and the mic doesn't get shipped till 7-11-2017??..... is that correct?
yep, usually takes a long time for massdrop stuff to arrive.
Does anyone know if this comes with a warranty?
yes, it comes with a 5year warranty....
Reposting from a previous Drop. Here is my massdrop-purchased e100s compared with about 10 other mics of all varieties, including a Neumann TLM103, a Rode NT1a and a Shure SM7B
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CAD needs to cut you a check brother. Also looking for an e100s thanks to your vids.
You basically said what I was thinking. Why they haven't taken the obvious step of hiring him as a spokesperson or some type of public relations Ambassador for the company is beyond me. (At the very least a thanks, you saved us a ton in promotion one time The only reason I even know about the mic is because of him and like you I am now in the market for one while at the same time secretly praying they have the QC issue under control by now.
Can we expect another drop anytime soon?
Ok all good. Compared it to the newer version Rode Nt1 and can hear the difference. Since the noise floor is almost the same it's hard to really complain between the 2. The cad was quieter but not a deal breaker for the Nt1. The Cad is just a damn good microphone and you can hear it as soon as you switch between the 2. So for voice over the Cad e 100s is awesome. The NT1 has more bass in the low end and seems like this microphone would sit well in a mix when you need balls behind the low end in rap music. The cad is cleaner,and details are smooth. Now....I'm looking at one other microphone which we should try to drop on. The lewitt lct 550. The dream mic is the lewitt lct 940 but let's not get ahead of ourselves. The lewitt lct 550 is used in ASMR whisper audio/video and has 0 db of self noise. So whover is doing audio books this one might be your thing. And you pair it with a tascam uh-7000 and your Good to go. Just google asmr and sleep to listen to the detail.
Not for noting, but, it is technically impossible for a mic to have 0 db of self noise. - reading the fine print the lewitt lct 550 has Equivalent noise level 3 dB (A) compared to the CAD e100s 3.7 dB (A) - still freaking amazing for both.


Got my mic. Everything is perfect.
Just need to plug it in when I have time. Then I will let you know the quality.
Received mine yesterday in the UK. Comsetically the mic and box are completely free of blemishes. Sonically, its a great mic! Pretty sure I don't have the noise issue that has plagued this mic. Need more tests to confirm. Either way - it sounds GREAT! Amazing mic. I'm very happy :)