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Cafflano Klassic All-in-One Coffee Maker

Cafflano Klassic All-in-One Coffee Maker

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Interested till I saw the two crappy color and red or red and black...yuck!
Ordered the "Infinite Coffee" clone from Amazon last year. Initially it worked okay (grinding more than a single serving really sucks, it's not pleasant), but over time the grind size adjustor became rusted and wasn't able to adjust any longer. The basket ends up clogging a lot of the time unless the grind is perfect and consistent. There's no way to know where your grind size is from the adjustor either. Too loose (coarse grind) and the whole top can pop off. I threw it in the trash the other day.
Ok this is cool but why? First does this mean you are also carrying a bag of unground beans? So you can have more coffee rather then just carry a cup the same size as this with out the junk. Second where will you get the hot water? If you go into almost any break room there is already a coffee machine and you have to go out of your way to get hot water which means you will most likely pass a coffee machine. So unless you plan on taking this camping, which there is plenty of better options for camp coffee then this, this thing seems pointless in any urban environment. Imho
I’ve seen microwaves in numerous break rooms throughout my career. Hot water isn’t that rare to come by🤷🏾‍♂️.
Yes that's what I was getting at most break rooms also have a coffee machine with it
can I adjust the grind size on the hand grinder???
I love this thing. I use mine everyday at work and I get a great cup of dark roasted ethiopian coffee. no sugar, no cream ... a superb cup 2 minutes after hand grinding the beans. Good build quality, made in S. Korea.
Bought one of those here in September '17.
For what it's worth, you get fresh coffee and the option to experiment with coffee beans. Two things I think are worth mentioning:
1. The grinding isn't as a gentle process as one might imagine, and can be a workout if you're making a double cup (30 grams).
2. Drip coffee by nature is not as strong as either black or espresso, and I had some friends calling it Americano. If you're after a strong bitter kick, this might not be for you.
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First of all, I love the way you phrased Starbucks’ roasting methods: it’s ssso true! But I did want to add to your last comment though... Your brewing method CAN add to bitterness if your brew is left in contact for too long with the grounds, which is a possibility with french press methods in three ways: either leaving too much time before pressing after you have added the water; having water that is too hot (over 200^F); or prolonged time in the press in contact with the grounds (after pressing). Plus I’m sure that Starbuck’s has some kind of super-secret method of adding bitterness just for the Hell of it!! (And peer pressure keeps us from complaining... “If it’s ‘too bitter’, Sir, you must not know much about coffee...”, says the barista with a faint sneer, as he dips the piece of charcoal into the next customer’s Benti-Venti double-nasty scorchio di Latté...) ;)
The brew method can add some bitterness, which is why I didn't say it adds none, but it's usually just the beans. Starbucks has very good reasons for making their coffee "bitter" by roasting the shit out of it.

1.) They add a ton of sugar and cream to most of their drinks. Only dark roasts can hold up to that abuse and still taste like coffee.
2.) They don't buy the highest quality beans. Other companies (like McDonald's), will often buy higher quality beans because they roast their beans lighter. As you go from light roast to dark roast, you're tasting less of the original flavor and more of the "roast" itself. Source: Coffee farmer / coffee broker
3.) They need their coffees to have the same flavor profile across the globe. You can have 3 different coffee beans, but the darker you go the more they taste the same.

There are probably other reasons, but I'm sure these are true.
Any news on a second variation?
Bought one in the last drop. Very well built and makes a decent cup of coffee. I thought it was well worth the money.
there should be a coffee community on massdrop.
No, there shouldn't. My wallet can only take so much :D
To be fair, that other brand is Infinite Coffee. Although both looks and works exactly the same. Most likely people would consider the one that is half the price. But Infinite Coffee is not on MD, is it?
As "Lamorch" noted, you can purchase a better reviewed and almost identical coffee maker on Amazon for under $29. And that's WITHOUT using "Prime." What gives MD??? A $30 difference is 50% off MD!!! SAD!!
Yup that's what I've done it's great, works a treat and I'm going to take it with me when I travel :)
The one on Amazon for less is a different brand. This same brand on Amazon is 89.99.
Anyone have any shipping issues in Canada, it's been over 3 weeks from the time they said it will arrive! I am in Vancouver.