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California Custom Utility Paring Knife

California Custom Utility Paring Knife

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A quick update for you all! We've been in touch with the vendor and they've let us know that they are still working to gather and package the group's order for individual shipment to each of you. We will continue to check in with them throughout the fulfillment process and update the group again as soon as everything is sent out!

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It's a go! The order for the California Custom Utility Paring Knife was placed just after the drop came to an end. Now our vendor will be working hard to prepare it for shipment to each of you.

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Is it really not possible to get this shipped internationally?
I want this SO bad but don't have room in the budget this month :(
This looks like an awesome knife. Not sure what I would use it for though....
I'd jump on this in a second....if I wasn't in Canada.
There is zero reason to not ship what is essentially kitchen cutlery to Canada. There are going to be no issues at all with customs. Zero!
Ditto....massdrop is continually taunting me by emailing me about drops that they will not allow me to join......whats the point, it just annoys....
obviosuly theres been enough issues and enough loss in product that they implemented this. would you rather they not do anything and you get it seized cause someone working in customs decides you cant have your new toy.
Beautiful knives....cheep at the price...check out the price of comparable quality knives and you will be paying 3 times the listed price.....
Thanks for all your comments. I certainly can see every viewpoint here as valid and worthy. The fact is, that nothing is simple. it's easy to say what someone thinks it takes to make something, and then there is the reality that lots of time and energy, prayers and materials go into the creation of anything hand made. Each one of these knives represent many hours of work. They are made in sacred-space, meaning that, since you are going to cut the food you eat with this tool it has the imbued energy of goodness and health as a part of the creation-process......if this matters to you. Granted, some will not choose to spend, or just literally can't afford something like this, but do keep in mind that a tool like this will outlast many things you buy in life, including the computer that you are currently using, by decades. I would say that you will spend whatever amount of $ on all the computers you will own and enjoy in a life-time, and this knife will outlast them all. Priorities count, and choices made for the betterment of your family, your personal health and for your well-being, nothing is diminished.
May you all enjoy the knives you buy, be they $6 knives from the dime-store, or a fine hand made knife you pass on to your children.
Blessings of Health and Goodness to You and Yours. -DON:)

A word about the blade finish since there was some mention about rust. This is stainless steel. What you are seeing here on this blade is best described as fire-scale. It is a result of the process of making the steel, and also of the heat treating and tempering process. It is really beautiful in contrast to the antique ivory micarta scales, and can vary from knife to knife, but has some nice rose and green/blue tones. It's a unique look and lends to a more "rustic" ideal on this particular issue. And finally, the Blue Micarta is a very rare Westinghouse material, never to be made again. It is as true a blue as I have seen and reminds me of old vintage Lapis Lazuli.
Thanks for jumping into the conversation Don. You make very beautiful things and I hope to own one some day.
The people saying the price is unjustified simply aren't familiar with high end, hand made cutlery. This is an excellent design and it looks beautiful, if I had the money to spare I wouldn't hesitate to get one. The small aesthetic touches like the heat treat discoloration and blue micarta accent are super tasteful and really work well on this. Really well done
It's interesting the reactions high-quality, handmade knives get. There are people who spend $1,000+ on a bottle of wine, $8,000 on a watch, $3,000 on a chef knife, $1million on a car, yet somehow a craftsman's time, experience and skill is not worth $269.00 for a beautiful handmade paring knife?
Sweet knife. Laughable price.
Although some weaponry knives are designed to have rusty surface in order to induce infections to your enemies. However, I cannot think of any reason for that to happen on a chef knife.
Rust itself isn't particularly bad for you (and can actually be good if you're anemic!), it was the feces and other nasty stuff smeared on the blades that induced the infections.
High carbon blades are great for kitchen applications where a razor sharp blade doesn't need to withstand the pressures of active combat. All it takes is a little extra attention to make sure you clean it off after use.
Why do people who have nothing to contribute to the conversation feel like they need to crap up the discussion sections anyway?
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Yes, the same goes for any custom knife. The materials are not the majority of the cost. You're also paying for the design, the build quality, the heat treat, and the grind. Not just anyone can take the raw materials and make a knife anywhere near this nice.
I most certainly cannot. Though I do have a handful of Spyderco knives serving various purposes indoors and and out, that have rang up for prices similar to this custom kitchen knife.

But it does sound like you may just have a calling in the high end custom knife manufacturing business. I wish you luck. When you can deliver quality products that demand $300+, you've got it made.

I'm sorry you feel my reply earlier was meant to sound all high and mighty. It wasn't intended to be in any fashion. There are many items that MassDrop has carries that were/are outside of my budget. When I see them, I find it far more useful and personally beneficial to dream and continue to window shop rather than shit all over the comments sections for the fine products I'm jealous of simply because I can't afford them.

You don't like an item? Feel its too expensive? Outside your budget? Don't pitch in on the drop. Pretty simple stuff.