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Cambridge Audio M5 Multimedia Speakers


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5.25" isn't a subwoofer, it's a woofer.

CA have a solid enough rep that these probably sound okay for the ~$200 price tag, though. Just don't expect actual subwoofer performance in any way.
From the photos, it looks like the subwoofer can be detached from the satellites, and used as an independent mini subwoofer, which might make for a great setup paired with the AudioEngine A2+. I do that with a cheap Cyber Acoustics subwoofer now. This is certainly cheaper than the AudioEngine S8, but still more expensive than something like Dayton's Sub-800, but the idea is to create the smallest footprint possible.
I don't understand the point of a subwoofer that doesn't go down to 20Hz
At under $500? Not to mention a large dimension sub around your desk is not always realistic or desired
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