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Camel Up: Second Edition

Camel Up: Second Edition

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Pick a camel and face off with your opponents in an epic race around the Great Pyramid. In Camel Up, your sole objective is to win as much money as possible. There are a couple ways to do it: win the race, or guess and bet on the winner. But be mindful: camels don’t race as horses do. They can land on top of one another and be carried toward the finish line. The Great Pyramid dice shaker—which releases only one die at a time—will determine who runs when. Will the odds be in your favor?

Review by Tom Vasel & Sam Healey of The Dice Tower


  • Published by Eggertspiele, Pegasus Spiele, Piatnik
  • Players: 3–8
  • Playing time: 30–45 mins
  • Recommended for ages 8 and up


  • Game board
  • Dice pyramid
  • 5 racing camels
  • 2 crazy camels
  • 5 racing dice
  • Gray die
  • 40 finish cards
  • 8 partnership cards
  • 20 betting tickets
  • 5 pyramid tickets
  • 8 spectator tiles
  • 80 Egyptian pound coins
  • Starting player marker
  • Rule book


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