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Tea Tour

Tea is a wonderful ritual to enjoy with a deep history and strong cultural ties to many countries around the world. Camellia Sinensis put together a package for Massdrop users that includes the Glass Tea Flask and Discovery 6-Pack Tea Sampler. The sampler consists of six different types of tea, it is an exploration of the places that these teas were produced. Not one tea in this pack is alike, and if you've ever wondered which variety of green tea you prefer the most, this is definitely the best way to find out.

Tea on the Go

This flask is made of double walled glass with an airtight lid and a removable stainless steel filter. It allows you the choice to brew your tea leaves using the technique you find most convenient at the time. This Glass Tea Flask hold 350 mL or 11.8 fluid ounces.

The Journey Begins

Starting with the Xue Cha, a white tea grown in China in the high mountains, this tea has a pleasant light flavor and a warmth to it that is subtle and hard to recognize. Next is Japanese Bocha tea, a crisp and bright tea with a very green color with many sources tasting a touch of nut butter. Lan Xiang tea is another Chinese variety, this one instead possessing a flowery, sweet flavor and a intriguing smell.

Anxi Tie Guan Yin is an interesting tea, especially since it is such a departure from the other flavors in that it has earthy tones, almost resembling that of mushrooms. Jun Chiyabari is a rare treat in this pack, since it's origin is Nepal, it doesn't have the same production quantities as other teas in this pack. The Chiyabari can be brewed multiple times, and it's flavor evolves with repeat brewings. Lastly the Pu-Er 2010 Yongde Lan Ting is a complete departure from the other teas in the pack, as Pu-Er tea has a dramatically different taste and character. Pu-Er teas have an long standing history all their own, completely separate from more mainstream green teas, and should certainly be given proper attention.

Potential Tea Samples Include:
  • Hong Xue Cha organic (White from China)
  • Bocha (Green from Japan)
  • Lan Xiang (Green from China)
  • Anxi Tie Guan Yin (Yulong from China)
  • Nepal Jun Chiyabari (Black from Nepal)
  • Pu-Er 2010 Yongde Lan Ting (Age Tea from China)
  • Contains a total of 59g of tea *selection may vary with availability.

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