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It began shipping a few hours ago. San Francisco here. Good luck to all.
I've never considered IEMs over $150 in my life...guessing I'm not the target audience for these lol
You posted to say that? Nobody cares.
B-stock ?
I just bought a new pair of the Andromedas last month and Absolutely LOVE them compared to my Westone UM Pro 30's and NuForce Primo 8 and EDC IEM's. Such a huge upgrade in EVERY way IMO.

But I want a hybrid pair of CA IEM's next to round out my IEM collection, so I'd love to see the Dorado's pop up on Massdrop since they're sold out on the CA website. I also like the look of the Polaris IEM's too, but they have a really low sensitivity of only 97db, and I'm not sure that they'd be loud enough with my Shanling M0 and live Recordings I mainly listen to!

So Massdrop, please find some Dorado's and list them here for cheaper than $1k LoL 😁
I am starting to have this feeling that, in order to "unlock" the Andromeda, we have to first "buy" our way through the different and various products of Campfire Audio.
Come on..... I just bought the lyra 2s
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Yeah I’m not really upset about it haha andromeda Is a bit out of my price range. I’m super looking forward to my Lyra 2s should be here in 2 weeks or less
How are the Lyra iis?
of course, right after I buy B stock, Massdrop puts out the A stock for even less. These are great IEMs BTW. They are the only IEM that has well extended treble that doesn't present sibilance for me (even with silicone tips!). This is an unreal feat / or they just work with my canals. Whatever, currently my go to IEM and well worth the price. I'd rec trading out the SPC litz cable with a good ole UPOCC or high grade OFC straight copper. Just my preference as this seems to rebalance the sound with a bit more lows and tames the treble shimmer just a tad.
I had the same exact thing happen. My b-stock sound great though!
Just took my Jupiters on a business trip to Mexico, and they made the trip so much better. Love these IEMs... and I just bought the MEE Audio balanced cable for them to pair with my Pioneer DAP.

If you want a solid IEM, this is a great price, and I highly recommend them
Since this is the 2nd Campfire IEM offered here, it would be lovely to see the Vega and Dorado pop-up as I think they're being phased out due to the Atlas and Polaris.
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Oh I agree. They don't have an issue selling the Andro. People will happily pay full price for em'. I'm borrowing my friends Vega and love it. I want my own but not at the current price. If it was closer to $800-900 I would bite in a heartbeat.
Yeah, a Dorado drop for $600 or a Vega drop for $800 would both do well I think. I prefer the Andromeda to both, but I’d strongly consider moving up from the Polaris to either of those.
So close.......MD I feel it should be the Andromeda earphones drop??? Please!!!

Next Drop >>>>>>>>> Andromeda
Next Drop >>>>>>>>> Andromeda
Next Drop >>>>>>>>> Andromeda
Next Drop >>>>>>>>> Andromeda
Next Drop >>>>>>>>> Andromeda
Next Drop >>>>>>>>> Andromeda
Next Drop >>>>>>>>> Andromeda
Next Drop >>>>>>>>> Andromeda
Next Drop >>>>>>>>> Andromeda
Next Drop >>>>>>>>> Andromeda
Next Drop >>>>>>>>> Andromeda
Next Drop >>>>>>>>> Andromeda
Next Drop >>>>>>>>> Andromeda
Next Drop >>>>>>>>> Andromeda
Jupiter CK B stock were offered at the same price on the ALO (parent company of CA) warehouse deals site 7/4-7/8. I pulled the trigger on the B Stock and received them yesterday. Assuming that the MD deal comes with the standard 1 year CA warranty, it would have been nice to get them from MD instead as the B stock does not carry the same warranty, only 90 days. This drop may be a sign that the Jupiter will be discontinued (reference Nova offer on MD just prior to being discontinued). These are very well made, and in my opinion sound excellent. So this is definitely a good deal regardless of CA's plans for this model.
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I've had similar experiences with Campfire Audio and can attest to their great service. I had an out of warranty Ref 8 cable & Nova IEM with issues. I sent them both back for service estimate. About a week later I received a repaired cable as well as a Nova CK back, no charge. Ken Ball & company continue to impress.
They really do impress. I bought Vega in Apr2017. Had the cable replaced a few months later. Then, in Jan2018, the adhesive that holds the nozzle into the body came loose. I was sent a replacement pair before having to send back the defective pair. A few months after my warranty ended, the adhesive came loose again. I was shipped another set, with a better adhesive, before having to return my pair. The replacement set was DOA, as the left IEM produced no sound. I had to send them all back. When CA sent my next replacement, it was a new, in-box Vega. Sure, there's no warranty on it, but I just received a brand new replacement, as well as now having two cables!?!? I offered to return one of the cables and was told to keep it because they know how hard I am on them.

I mean, sheesh... what a great company.
Jupiters are outstanding iem’s.
I don’t pretend to be able to hear minute differences in “soundstage” or “sub bass” like some people can but I often prefer them to my Vegas and my Vegas are completely kickass.