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Why so many people complaining these because they are not as good as $1,000 IEMs? I got mine for $630 and I'm very satisfied. First of all, I don't like boomy sound. These sound universally good , from iPad to Desktop dac. iSine 20 sound better at this price point, but they are huge. BAs are so deminding for amps, so Lyra II has it's edge to me.
Not even worth $400...
Stick to my old ass IE8
These or MD+’s?
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On a more serious note, I think it's worth owning both, if possible. For a single DD, the Lyra is quite fast and has good resolution. It has the better bass extension between the two and definitely has more impact over the MD+ as it has a healthy bump up through 100 hz. The Lyra comes off to me as pretty L shaped as it starts high and slowly tapers down 5k hz and then we get a boost in the low/mid treble region. The MD+ is pretty flat (a few dB boost in the sub bass region) for the most part until about 1.5k hz where it climbs quite a bit until it dips right at 5k hz.

The other kicker, the Lyra just sounds a bit different than most other single DD IEMs due to it's beryllium driver. Compared to the MD+. the Lyra has the better tonality (it just sounds "correct") and overall just sounds more full and textured. However, I would give soundstage, openess, and separation to the MD+. On most tracks, it has a nice 3D effect compared to the smaller, in your head soundstage from the Lyra.

The more I think about it, the more that these two are quite complimentary since they literally cover areas that the other doesn't. Want a meatier, textured low end and relaxed mids with just enough sparkle up top? The Lyra's got you covered. Want a more neutral response with energy and better extension up top and a hint of extra sub-bass? The MD+ is where it's at. Truthfully, you can't go wrong with either. I have a very eclectic taste in music and both fair well with any genre. The Lyra does best with HipHop, Rnb, Pop, etc due to it's bass but the MD+ is no slouch either it's just not as visceral. But, when it comes to feeling more spacious and open especially for live tracks, acoustic, jazz, and orchestras, the MD+ really excels over the Lyra.

Long-winded response but hopefully that helps a bit. My initial response still stands that if you can afford it, go with both. Otherwise, pick the one that fits your genres of music the best. Either way, I don't think you'll be disappointed in either.
I like these but I really want Polaris. Since they're doing so many CA drops I'm sure it's coming soon. Or at least I hope.
I couldn't say no if they did a Polaris drop.
Especially if it gets a similar price cut.
Does anyone know if these would be a big step up from MEE Pinnacle 1?
Yes! if you like a pure DD sound these are hard to beat at this price
Since I have a pair of MD+, I am wondering if it will give me a significantly different fun sound worth $400. Can anyone enlighten me?
tbh you'd probably be better off dropping $400 more and wait for a B-stock Andromeda to show up and buy that one instead... Lyra II is... well it could be better.
I have both. and the Andromedas is a completely different sound. It is multi BA with amazing separation and soundstage with amazing mids with nice treble. BUT $850 even at b stock prices and they are extremely sensitive to source. Even if you don’t get any hiss from let’s say an iPhone or V30 when I got a ZX300 player it made such a difference I was shocked because I thought they sounded good out of my ifi xdsd already. The L2 are more forgiving and 1/4 the price of Andromedas
I have these and they’re great! Please bring us the Vegas!

I highly doubt the current flagship andromedas(which I also have) or the Atlas will show up here anytime soon
Description seems to emphasize highs, which as someone very treble sensitive (nuforce edc3 sound harsh and horrible to my ears to give you an idea of my listener profile) gives me pause. Are they really treble happy?
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In your mind, having a pair of these, would it be worth it upgrading to vega/atlas (at MD/gray market discounted price) ?
Yes. I'm borrowing my friends Vega (about a month now) and it's night and day. The Vega is much more technical and outright bigger and meatier than the Lyra. However, it's treble can get hot on some tracks, the same with sibilance. Even though I say that, it hasn't been enough to my ears to stop me from listening to them as much as I can. They have such a big unique sound that is quite addicting. Hoping that CA drops the Vega here since it's being replaced by the Atlas. I enjoy them just not at $1100. I think for $800-900 I would buy my own pair. I haven't heard the Atlas yet but from what I've read, it's an improvement over the Vega in pretty much every regard. I'm just not a fan of the form factor. The Lyra/Dorado/Vega are my favorite housings from Campfire as they just disappear into my ears and are so lightweight.
Another chance for a fantastic pair of IEM I'm very pleased to have bought. However, what we needed was a chance for the higher end models ! Bring us the Atlas/Vega/Andromeda !
Today was the day of expected delivery. It has not arrived. I am disappointed tracking stopped the minute it left US postal service and supposedly entered Canada 6 days ago. I hope Lyra shows up soon without problems.
Hey guys, my one of my Lyra II's drivers seems to have the glue that's keeping the driver to the aluminum housing completely undone. I was removing from my ear and I noticed that the plastic driver part is completely loose. How long is the warranty? I've had them for about a year now. :c
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Oh thanks for the reply! They actually did and were actually pretty nice and swift
Awesome! CA treats their customers well and they respond quickly.