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When will we get these with international shipping?
Will these ship soon?
Will I have to pay tax for these, if shipped to New York?
Are these worth it against a periodic berillyum?
Check out bstock IMR R1 @ 315 shipped instead of 700 on their main website. I had the be but returned it cause it was dull and boring. This IMR that I got a week ago shatters my old Be. Glad I returned that thing.
Anyone have experience using these type of iems for air travel?
Wow. These were USD 499 at the previous drop.

But where did the international shipping go?
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I don't think it's a shipping cost issue. When I got mine, the shipping component to Australia was less than $10. Even if it was $40 (which is the usual insured shipping for a full sized headphone), I'm sure there's be plenty of interest.
Now if we treat them like jewellery, then I wish I had taken that light blue Andromeda. I wish I wish...
Get IMR R1 (B-stock) which is roughly $400 or less on their site( If still available). Those are as good as vega and definitely better than Lyra II . R1 has nice and punchy bass and deep sub bass. Mid are little laid back where Lyra II has nice and smooth mid. But the treble is much better on R1 with larger soundstage. Most precisely you can use different filter to change your liking.
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I heard many good talks about dunu dn-2000js but never got chance to try them. May be very soon!
I encourage you try it. I like Andromeda, Vega, Lyra II, Dunu 2000j and their new Falcon C. How expansive or cheap is never the real point for me, so don't flame me please. We all have different likes. Cheers.
Anyone can say if this are better than Noble X?
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I do not think the highs are recessed it is hard to explain but when you compare them to the Vegas which is the old flagship same 8.5mm DD I could heat the treble extend further.
The andromedas treble is amazing too but is definitely brighter but that is a 5 BA so the sound you get is completely different. the reason why I like DD IEMs is the impact and punch you get I haven’t heard recreated by any BA IEMs
If you are talking about Massdrop x Noble X ; Lyra II is better than any aspect Either sound or build quality.
I want to add that if all you’re doing is listening to mp3‘s or pandora or youtube on music etc coming out from your smartphone you will be better off getting a cheaper set of IEMs or make sure there is room in your budget for a dac/amp like the ifi idsd nano black label ($200) or at least a Fiio Q1 mark 2 with Tidal lossless (cd quality) or you will not be getting the sound you think you payed for. Even a nice 320 kps mp3 would sound ok but these attached to a dongle out of my iPhone 8 leaves much to be desired but if you don’t know any better you may be disappointed with why they’re not sounding great for you.

My portable rig is iPhone 8 with a ifi xdsd (or mojo) stacked on the back streaming tidal and it really wakes this things up. However the xdsd is $400 and mojo is usually $500-$600. You dont need something that high end but at least leave $200 for a separate dac/amp and don’t expect the world straight out of your phone or tablet.

Now the volume will be crazy loud still when turned up on a smartphone but that is not what I’m talking about. It is the quality of the sound you will hear first with a 16 bit 44.1 cd file and a proper dac to process the digital signal. 96 or 128 mp3 usually sound like trash and an IEM can NOT* (edit)make a crappy compressed file or source sound better
Why are these better than balanced Armature models? I am not familiar with this Tech in an in ear monitor
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are they? I for one definitely think it's the other way round. Sure bass would sound better on dynamic, but bass isn't everything. hybrids are supposed to be the best of both worlds, but I have really yet to find one that impresses me.
I agree. I haven't met a single hybrid IEM that bests a pure dynamic or BA IEM. All hybrids have a bizarre midrange to me as well other odd spikes comparatively. I don't think manufacturer's have really nailed down the crossovers for hybrids, honestly. Hell, even more more manufacturer's are going to single-BA IEMs these days and foregoing crossovers completely since the tech in that regard has moved forward.