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CAMX X330 Crossbow Package

CAMX X330 Crossbow Package

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Complete Crossbow Hunting

The CAMX X330 Crossbow Package is for the serious hunter who wants everything at once: crossbow, scope, arrows, quiver, cocker, and field points. They’re all in one box, ready to assemble fast, so you can get to the hunt. With a scope base made from solid aircraft aluminum, the crossbow is accurate, compact, and lightweight. Designed to meet challenges specific to crossbow hunting, the included ARC 330 Crossbow Scope has Short Eye Relief technology that allows for comfortable scope positioning. The included Accuspine arrows are the first commercially available wrapped carbon arrows, and are spine matched and indexed for the best in arrow-to-arrow consistency.

Note: At checkout, choose black, RealTree Snow, RealTree Xtra, or Treestand. This drop has limited quantities available. 

CAMX X330 Crossbow Package


CAMX X330 Crossbow

  • Kinetic energy: 100.33 ft (30.6 m) per pound
  • Power stroke: 12.25 in (31 cm)
  • Length, overall: 35.5 in (90.2 cm)
  • Width, overall: 25 in (64 cm)
  • Weight, crossbow only: 86 oz (2.43 kg)
  • Weight, crossbow, scope, quiver, 4 arrows: 136 oz (3.86 kg)

ARC 330 Scope

  • Short Eye Relief technology
  • Arrow Range Compensation

Accuspine Arrows

  • Wrapped carbon
  • Weighted brass inserts
  • Diameter: 0.344 in (0.87 cm)
  • Inner diameter: 0.3 in (0.76 cm)
  • Shaft weight: 9.1 grains per inch
  • Straightness: +/- 0.001
  • Deflection: +/- 0.010
  • FOC: 17.7%
  • Length: 20 in (51 cm)
  • Weight: 410 grains with 100 grain points


  • ARC 330 scope
  • 4 Accuspine arrows
  • Wishbone quiver
  • Idler rope cocker
  • 4 field points
  • 4 Xbow 100 broadheads
  • Camo quiver upgrade
  • Lo-ready sling
  • Wax and lube kit


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Estimated ship date is Aug 7, 2018 PT.

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