Cangshan TS Series 3-Piece Knife Block Setsearch

Cangshan TS Series 3-Piece Knife Block Set

Cangshan TS Series 3-Piece Knife Block Set

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Never heard of this brand, but that alone shouldn't discount them. What is worrying is the steel, Sandvik 14C28N, which for a long time was exclusive to Kershaw. I've never seen this steel used outside of pocket knives, and it's mostly still only used Kershaw or affiliated knives.

Cangshan could very well be the first cutlery manufacture to use this well regarded steel, or they could be lying. Seeing as how the latter is frighteningly common for cutlery manufactured in China I'm not willing to give these knives a chance.

We definitely appreciate your concerns as there are indeed plenty of fly by night companies that misrepresent what they are doing. We have entered into an agreement with Sandvik to purchase quite a bit of this raw material over the next 5 years. In fact we were just at their factory in Sweden last month to finalize some of the details of our commitment to them. This steel is definitely more complex to forge and harden than a lot of other kitchen knife steels which is probably why it hasn't been done on such a large scale before, plus it is more expensive to begin with. We have an advantage in that we actually own our factory so we are able to control every aspect of the forging process. We stand behind every one of our products with a 100% no questions asked guarantee. Hope this helps you decide to give us a shot!

-Cangshan Cutlery Company
What is the thickness of these knves?
The chef knife is 3.0 mm and the paring knife is 2.0 mm.

-Cangshan Cutlery Company
Saw the reply too late to join the drop - will be interested if the drop happens again.
Interested also in a 6 inch utility knife, especially if its 3mm thick and have a slightly wider blade than most utility knives.
Yeah I wouldn't worry about this block dulling your knife. Resting a knife on the edge in a piece of wood like this is no problem whatsoever. It won't ruin the edge. I hate the standing blocks because they are nasty. A lot of stuff gets wedged in those grooves making a happy home for loads of bacteria. This block doesn't have that problem.
Hi there!

If the block was designed for pure functionality then yes a vertical style slot would be the best storage method, however minimal wear is expected when the knife comes in contact with a wood surface. After all wood is the preferred surface to cut on. We have designed the block to look beautiful and give the minimal amount of wear to the knife edge. This will not noticeably effect the amount of wear on the knife's edge, especially due to our superior manufacturing process and materials which makes our edge retention up to 5 times longer than major knife brands currently in the market.

-Cangshan Cutlery
I don't know this Cangshan, but I do know that anyone that knows even the first thing about knives knows to never rest a knife on edge. Spine down always in a knife block. The design of this block says this isn't just a misinformed photographer, the blade can not be placed in the included block properly. What else did Cangshan get wrong?
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I didn't say it isn't pretty, it looks really great!
When it can NOT embrace both, I'm a function over form guy, every time.
As for only applying to a chef, that's like saying seat belts are only for racecar drivers.
Everyone benefits by protecting a razor thin steel edge.
Nothing wrong with having beauty in a kitchen, there are thriving companies capitalizing on that very goal.
I run a small industrial design firm in Australia.
This product in my humble opinion functions just fine.
It is an object designed to hold a knife and that is exactly what it does.
I have no idea what a knife block has to do with a seat belt or a racing car lol.
To use your analogy, It's like a race driver complaining about a sash belt when in reality they would be using a 3 point harness.
Best advice, don't buy the knife set.
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