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Canon EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR Camera

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR Camera

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2799 with canon grip
CPW currently matches the price and ships from an authorized reseller. Direct quote:

"The street price is $2999.99 on this item brand new from an authorized dealer with full Canon USA Warranty and free shipping."

Two months ago their price was 2799.99, and more recently they have offered free pack-ins "valued over $500 at retail" with 5D Mark IVs at the $3k price. Ultimately, I have to agree that this isn't a great deal ... it just matches what CPW have been offering for awhile now, which again is $200 higher than the lowest prices seen with this body so far this year (assuming full warranty and free shipping).

If you can wait, keep an eye on CPW and snipe deals. If you want to buy it now, buy via CPW and get a bulletproof USA warranty and free pack-ins. If you want to support Massdrop, buy via Massdrop.

EDIT: Having read the listing, Massdrop makes NO CLAIMS as to US Warranty coverage on this drop. "USA spec" likely only means that the battery charger fits US AC outlets. If you want warranty coverage, you already know how to get it if you've read this far.

EDIT2: Just to be as complete as possible, you can get this gray market for around $2500 and refurbed from Canon for around $2200 if you wait for deals. Just more options for those strapped for cash.
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Thank you very much. Appreciate it
$2,799 with canon grip
From my understanding, it is still considered grey market even if the warranty card says US and Canada if it is bought from unauthorized dealer. MD should not claim it has US warranty unless it will ship directly from the authorized vendor with receipt from them. Just my 2 cents
EDIT: Massdrop has resolved this, at least in my opinion. They will give you a receipt from the authorized dealer if and when you require warranty service, and if anything goes wrong they will reimburse you for any repairs. You can see the post below for Duncan from Massdrop's response to my questions.

This is a bad deal. First off, you will not be getting a USA warranty, as others have stated. Second off, this discount is miniscule. It's currently selling for $3299 on Amazon, with the warranty. Also, the D850 from Nikon is a much newer and better camera, and is the same price. You'll have to wait to get one, but this is just a minor discount on an outdated camera.
I share your preference for the D850--I have one!
USA Spec means nothing really in terms of warranty.. You don't get an authorized dealer receipt and Canon will not recognize it for warranty purposes without one. As stated by dradler, this will be considered Gray Market by Canon and you will be charged for any service should you need it. If you're willing to take that chance, it's a good price, but Canon will run these on special from Authorized dealers from time to time. Canon also offers refurbished models which come with a full warranty (when in stock).
So true--as if there was a "French Spec" and an "Icelandic Spec", etc...!
Grey market.
Watch out usually not the same warranty as USA
Means no Black and White shots--only grey and white!
During the holidays B&H had a great bundle for approx. $2,800 which included the body, genuine Canon grip, a 64gb SD card and a backpack. If Massdrop can match or get close to something like that or a substantial discount on the body only, it would be outstanding.
I want to take it out for a test run.
And some shoots to know how it takes the harsh condition of Nepal
If you’re going to spend anywhere near $3,000 on a professional full frame camera, you’d have to be crazy not to look long and hard at the new Sony a7rIII. Unless you plan on dying as a Canon shooter, that camera is absolutely the best way forward.
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Yeah me too. I'm waiting to see what Canon/Nikon does in the mirrorless segments. As of now Fuji seems to be a very good option for mirrorless.
Also depends on how many other Canon lenses and bodies one owns at present...
Abe's of Maine
Not sure how legit it is. During the Thanksgiving shopping madness I noticed few ebay vendors dropped 5DMkIV prices to 2,499$. Not sure whether they were grey market units.
Um...You can get the 6D for $2k straight from Canon:
The 5d is their flagship...
This drop is for a 5D Mark IV, not a 6D.