Canon EOS 77D DSLR with EF-S 18-55 Lenssearch

Canon EOS 77D DSLR with EF-S 18-55 Lens

Canon EOS 77D DSLR with EF-S 18-55 Lens

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I received mine today.

Interesting that the box says the included kit lens is a 18-135mm, yet it came with (and was advertised on Massdrop as coming with) a 18-55mm lens.

It’s fine, as it was advertised as coming with that lens up front, but I wonder what kind of juggling happened to arrive at that situation.

Also of note is that the included lens is the earlier version of that lens, not the current version II, which has improved performance.

Also interesting is that it comes with a non-US plugged cord. There is an adapter included that looks like it will convert the plug to fit into a 2 pronged US outlet, but I am going to double check to see that’s correct before I risk plugging it in.

Luckily, I have another Canon detachable cord from another charger that fits, so I’m using that with the charger.

Next is to test out the camera. I’m excited.
Is this a new or refurbished camera? I'm interested just waiting for the fund this week.

I was looking into the Rebel t7i and I saw this model and would prefer the LCD on top!
Alright so we did it! Haha let’s see who get theirs first now. I’m pretty excited to have this beside my 80D. What are you guys going to use this camera for? I’ll mainly use this to vlog myself going out to photo shoots and stuff.
My wife would like to do some vlogging as well. I just wanted something that has better low light performance than my Olympus E-620.
Looks like I’m the only one who joined The drop so looks like I won’t be getting the camera
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im here with you :D
Im wondering if there are any stories of international spec cameras having problems after the 30 return policy from massdrop. Do you know of any situations where that has happened?
Not respond my question
respond slow massdrop
Contact support, this here is just a duscussion
Why my order u cancel??
I dont understand my sistem transaction in massdrop
why isn't shipping to germany available? would have purchased it.
A fantastic camera at a great price for American buyers. Unfortunately, we Europeans must pay heavy import duty upon receipt, increasing the cost substantially. For me, buying this from Massdrop would save me only €40-50 ($45-60) from the listed Amazon price. The fact that there is no real warranty included makes it a deal-breaker.
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Hey Izzy - my reply was directed not at you, but at aMpy (and the others who don't seem to understand the challenges of circumventing international taxes and duties), which is why I was sarcastically quoting him. I agree with the comments you've made.

My sarcasm may not come across so well in text, but my intent was to ridicule their notions that Massdrop should be looking into heretofore unidentified practices and making "deals" (god they sound like Trump...) in order to make "even more money" in a field that even many of the biggest retailers can't hack.

I try only to be a dick to those who deserve a dick.
my bad, we're cool.
No warranty right?
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support says no warranty, only 30-day return policy.
thanks twilliams Zetto Anzial
Lengthy specs neglect to mention the important fact that sensor size is APS-C not full size.
oh i see it now. my bad!
Abe's of Maine has this item for $676, new, free shipping, no tax.
Abe’s of Maine is very commonly know as a ”Bait and Switch” retailer who should not be trusted at all. Search for reviews and you will see many attempted scams.