Canon EOS T6 EF-S 18–55mm & EF 75–300mm Bundlesearch

Canon EOS T6 EF-S 18–55mm & EF 75–300mm Bundle

Canon EOS T6 EF-S 18–55mm & EF 75–300mm Bundle

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why this drop is not ships to israel ):
Quick question:

Is this the base camera + two lenses or base camera + one lens?

I am debating between purchasing on Best Buy from the link below and here, and am not sure which offers the better deal.
Will this even take better pictures then a iphone X? Seems super outdated from the video.
this would probably wreck all smartphones on low light conditions... also if you are a poor semi proffesional photographer you are expected to use "big" cameras even when a smartphone would be perfectly fine....
I seriously doubt that current mobile gear would be even half-way on par with this camera.
This thing is "serious f**king business". Requires some practice to get the hang of optimizing the settings for the best shot from one situation to the next.
The same and also very similar bundles are available for comparable and sometimes less prices on Amazon / Best Buy / Fry's
I believe the discount should be approx 20% more than Amazon atleast, otherwise what's the point of delayed shipping.
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On Amazon, search for "Canon T6" and look at some other options. There is one bundle, with a memory card included, which is available for $449. Also, their are many bundles available for $550 with other accessories which are a much better buy at $550 and also faster shipping.
Fry's has had promo's on this bundle for $379 2-3 times the last month or so. They even offered it for $299 for a limited time.
I love Massdrop, and this is a good deal, just wanted other people to know that you might be able to get a better one if you look for it.
There is a similar bundle at Sam's, but 32GB card instead of 16, no cleaning kits, or the extra flash thing. My old man picked it up for $430 not too long ago.
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