Canon M6 Mirrorless Digital Camera w/ 15–45mm Lenssearch

Canon M6 Mirrorless Digital Camera w/ 15–45mm Lens

Canon M6 Mirrorless Digital Camera w/ 15–45mm Lens

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Just a reminder folks.. If you do not get a receipt from a Canon Authorized dealer (even if there is a USA warranty card in the box) you will not get the full Canon USA warranty. This has been repeatedly brought to light here on Massdrop. USA Spec means nothing.. The USA Warranty card (without an authorized dealer's receipt) is considered a "used" camera by Canon. Please make sure you understand what you are and are not getting.
Canadian folks: this is currently on sale for $799CAN On the Canon Canada store. $350 off. You’d be paying lots more if you got it here.
Why the last drop was cheaper?
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I'd probably not jump on this either. Only about $40 less than going rate on most sites and prices on the M6 will likely edge down more with the M50's impending release, this feels like Canon dumping inventory and not even really at a great price.
how does the warranty work?
I own a lot of Canon gear, and they generally only honor warranty with a receipt from a dealer in your region. They are really uptight about grey market lenses and cameras.
Mine came pre-opened, Manual missing and the camera is not in English(it feels as it is used/refurbished ) . Anyone else get theirs yet ?
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I literally was just coming on here to state I got a refurb with a written bs serial number and missing garbage. Also the setup had already been gone through and was in a different language as well which I was able to get back into english but I still would have never bought this for new price if I knew it was a refurb.
This was an International Spec Camera and as such is typically going to have a setup that is not in English but I am glad you were able to figure that out.

" I got a refurb with a written bs serial number and missing garbage. " What exactly are you missing and why do you feel this is a refurb?
Other lens options?
Not sure if you’re asking about lens options through MD, but if you have canon EF lenses you can just buy an adapter for $30-$50 and not lose af
Hello All,

I apologize for the delay in shipping especially considering the drop is up again but all previous orders will ship out with-in the next 3 days.
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Let me check on your order.

Typically for your location the product shipping time would be approximately 4-5 days . That being said there is a huge storm on the east coast that has or will have everything shut down until it passes.
Thanks for getting back to me on that!
Im pumped and can't wait till it ships! Does anyone know when we can expect any kind of update on the order?
This same body/lens is on eBay for $613, shipped from New Jersey.
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Okay, I'm surprised you couldn't determine I was being sarcastic. I have no trust issues with people from New Jersey... On the other hand, your link compares a galaxy s5 to a samsung nx3000. You mistakenly think the samsung nx3000 and the canon m6, the camera we are discussing, are similar. They're not. ''I will take the high ground. This camera isn't even good, its only a couple hundred dollars. Here's an article that compares a phone to a completely different camera. Checkmate''!
I have not mistakenly thunk anything. I ALWAYS think on purpose brah :P

But I also did not compare the nx3000 to the m6. I did compare the m6 to the 60d in the post after the earlier one you replied to. You should read further down the page, it will help you to make more sense to OP. I did also compare this m6 to my s9+. You should read more better.

edit: please do tell the intricate differences between one manufacturer's mirrorless camera and this one. If you say megapixels or aperture or the aps-c sensor I will lol at you and throw popcorn fair warning.
I really want to pull the trigger on this, but those comments about the warranty have me questioning. Can anyone explain further to me the situation I may get myself into? Are we absolutely sure this product does not have a US warranty? If not is there a Canon international warranty for this product?
Any help is appreciated!
Anyone know where to get a good L bracket and halo light for this?
whelp i joined... #hopefullynoregrets if another 2 join then I'll have to order my boom mic and everything else for set.