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Carbon Tactics Epoch Quick-Release Belt

Carbon Tactics Epoch Quick-Release Belt

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The size chart goes to XL and the order options go up to XXL. Are the numbers for the other sizes accurate or are they all off because of the miss match?
Size XXL has an additional 10" of length compared to XL. The numbers are correct otherwise. Let me know if you have any other questions :)
How big is the buckle? Do you have some basic dimensions?
Hi, I'm wearing 31" waist pants. I should go for the regular?
Size Regular should be perfect for you.
I got this in double layer when it was on kickstarter. It easily supports a heavy pistol. Has anyone used the single layer for carrying a firearm? If so, how heavy a gun can you carry without it sagging? For example, the double layer has no trouble with a steel framed full size 1911. Can the single layer support an alloy framed Commander? Or is carrying out of the question with the single layer? Btw, the latch mechanism is excellent!
"The mechanism allows you to put on and take off the belt fast, in case you need to shed it in an emergency." Curious: What sort of emergency necessitates fast belt shedding and how much faster is this belt to shed than the belt I'm currently wearing?
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First responders use quick release, fully adjustable belts as a tourniquet in a pinch when they do not have a tourniquet available.
I'd say it's for convenience. A lot of web belts have long tails that are secured with velcro and you have to slip the entire tail through the buckle to take your pants off. The original Wilderness Co 'Instructor Belt' is an example of this. A release buckle allows you to open the belt without messing with all that. It also lets you keep the belt length adjustment. Edit: Depends on your definition of emergency. Going to the bathroom in a hurry may qualify. 😀
too bad this ships in January
Hey Mike, was looking at your sizes. I’m a 34 pants and a 35.5/36 waist so will the regular be ok and give enough belt to play with or should I move up to the next size then cut if needed? Just want to be sure I do have enough belt left, few inches at least should be good. I can exchange it easily if needed right? Thx Mike
Size Regular should be perfect! If you run into any problems, email us at I think you'll be good to go though :)
Nice design, looking to pick one up......had a couple ques. I'm assuming this has been field tested extensively but just a little concerned about inadvertently hitting the latch here and there with certain movements if it has a nice tension on latch? Once complete assembly is purchased will you eventually offer just the belt (minus female side of buckle) for purchase? How about other buckle colors in the future? thx
Appreciate the questions! The latch is quite secure, as it uses a fairly stiff spring and is stable under load. I don't plan on offering the straps separately. No additional buckle colors are planned at the moment, but if we get enough requests for other colors we'll certainly consider it. Let me know if you have any other questions :)
Quick-release? Really, is there anyone over the age of eight, who still finds their present belt too slow or too difficult to operate? It's not like we're all running around using exotic parachute harnesses to hold up our damn britches, are we? I think I'm going to save the sixty bucks and wait for something I can really use, like...a $60 pair of quick-release shoe strings!
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I had that feature on a pair of duty boots several years back, mine were on and off in a flash while others struggled with laces and hooks--side-zip boots are one of the best inventions of all time!
Plenty of belts around for that sort of thing, none of them particularly challenging to put on, or remove, especially for folks old enough to carry guns. But if you're speaking of quick-release in that context, I'm guessing you mean wearing your product as a secondary belt (the way a cop wears his/her service belt)? So, that quick-release feature could be more of a detriment than a convenience: it could be a pretty quick way to disarm someone!

Does the buckle contain any nickel?
The buckle does not contain nickel. The main parts are cnc machined aluminum, and there are a couple small parts that are alloy steel. That's it :)
Will this fit into regular jeans belt loops?
The small end will definitely fit standard belt loops.
Absolutely :) It will most definitely fit through regular jean belt loops. Let me know if you have any other questions!
why do i have a feeling that my gut pudge will unlock this and my pants will fall down in public and i'll get laughed at AGAIN?
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Small quibble: if the trigger should face down when the belt is worn, why are all of the photos oriented the other way? The label inside the belt is also oriented for trigger up. My TiHook belt is the same way and it annoys me just a bit every time I see it.
a) how does the sizing work? b) is it easy to cut down the length if you purchase too long?

a) just uploaded a pic of the sizing chart :) b) It's easy to cut the nylon strap down to length if it's too long. Just trim with a sharp pair of scissors and singe the end with a lighter to prevent fraying. Let me know if you have any other questions!
I've been EDCing your Cobra belt for years now. It's great! This Epoch belt is the single layer variant, right? Can you give a rough sizing guide (I read through the description here and might have missed it)? Also, can the belt be easily cut to length and the cut end heat-sealed by the customer? Thanks for the quick response, and Happy Thanksgiving!
Glad to hear that! This drop is offering only the single-layer variant, but a double-layer version will be available in the future.  Regarding trimming, it's easy to cut the nylon strap down to length if it's too long. Just trim with a sharp pair of scissors and singe the end with a lighter to prevent fraying. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!
If anyone has questions, just let me know!
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Possibility for an all titanium version, or other metal?
No Ti option planned right now, but you never know :)